Abba The Story Behind Every Song From Carlton Books

If ever a band left us wanting more, it was Abba. The musical phenomenon of the 1970s, two married couples who produced the most perfect pop of the time, Abba went their separate ways in 1983, never officially splitting up, but also never making a real comeback, despite lots of rumours that they would. But 2019 is the year when Abba return, in the form of some new material and a hologram tour, so it it the perfect time to revisit their musical legacy in the form of a new book from Carlton Books.

Abba The Story Behind Every Song is a wonderful hardback treasure that documents the making and the story behind every hit single and album track in the Abba cannon. It starts with their early beginnings as solo artists in their native Sweden, goes through their marriages and burgeoning career as a four piece, and takes it up to Eurovision (Ring Ring was the first song they tried to enter with, before their 1974 win with the classic Waterloo.) It then goes on to document how a follow up to Waterloo at first alluded them, giving them the appearance of a novelty act, until the 1975 breakthrough of the gorgeous SOS. Hit after hit followed, many of them total classics including Dancing Queen, Gimme Gimme Gimme and Money Money Money. But the marriages of the band members floundered, giving rise to the most beautiful of all break up songs ‘The Winner Takes It All’.

The book is currently in a hardback edition and is a must for all Abba fans, it is packed with iconic black and white and colour photographs of the band from their earliest days to their break up. It gives information about even the most obscure of the bands hits, as well as chart positions, and also has a chronology and completely discography section for Abba scholars at the back of the book.

Abba remain the epitome of perfectly crafted pop and show no signs of losing their enormous popularity. This book shows exactly why this is so.

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