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Hi welcome to the world of fashionmommy – a plus sized mom of 1. I used to be a deputy head teacher but escaped the world of education to be a fully time mommy to my little boy, now 19months. My real passions have always been fashion and style, I live and breath fashion – from Vogue magazine to sex and the city, from the devil wears prada to handbag.com. Shopping is my hobby, although with a young boy in tow I find internet shopping is now a godsend.

I want to share my ideas about style and fashion with the world, and hope to do this in an entertaining and informative way. I want to pass on hints and tips for bargainista’s, to talk about likes and dislikes (shoes being a major LOVE), and issues, particularly those that affect us all who are not the perfect size 10, or god forbid, size 0.

Enter my world to find out more.

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