Accessorize Your Maggy London Dress With 10 Proven Tips

Picture this: You are at a party wearing a Maggy London dress.

You must be feeling amazing. Right? Well, Who wouldn’t be?

Maggy London is popular in 2024 for its classy dresses that make you feel wonderful about yourself.

Stop imagining now.

It’s time to come out of that zone. Although wearing a Maggy London dress gives you a feeling of royalty, it brings the best out of you when you pair it with the best accessories. 

Maggy London dresses are known for their unique style statement. They are also available for women of different sizes and ages. With some cool accessories, you will enhance your overall appearance and become the centre of attention.

Now, the question is: How should you pair your outfit with accessories?

Let’s discuss some proven, useful tips that make your picture perfect for the party. 

Ten Tips To Accessorise Your Dress

  • Choosing the Right Pair of Earrings

You can start by choosing the right pair of earrings to make your look more beautiful. You can choose earrings according to your features and suitable for the dress. There are many various earrings:

  • Chandelier Earrings: These earrings are ideal for dresses that have a simple design and add a touch of glamour. 
  • Hoops: The hoops are suitable and versatile for different dress styles. 
  • Studs: These are perfect for the complex dress design with elaborate details. 
  • Bracelets

If you want to look more stylish, then you can wear simple bracelets with your Maggy London wrap-around dress. Remember not to over-accessorise your hand keep it simple and subtle. Additionally, if you don’t have any stylish bracelets that will go with your outfit, then you can go for a simple watch that will make you look elegant. 

  • Choosing a perfect ring

When choosing the perfect ring for your dress, you should choose the one that can add a glam touch to your overall appearance. Remember, rather than wearing more than one ring, you should use one ring that compliments your dress’s colour and style. Also, you can choose the stackable rings as the main purpose is to achieve a glamorous touch that makes you the centre of attention.

  • Choosing a Necklace

If you have chosen a Maggy London one-shoulder dress, then you can choose a necklace with glitter, which will glam up your look. Additionally, many necklace designs suit your dress. You can opt for:

  • Choker
  • Y necklace
  • Layered Necklace
  • Lariats
  • Clutches 

You can also carry a clutch, which will coordinate with your dress. If you are confused, you can go for embellished clutches, which can be paired with a simple dress, or you can go for a simple clutch if your dress has a more complicated design or embellishment. With a perfect clutch, you can make your look more enchanting. 

  • Hair Accessories

When it comes to hair accessories, you may all get confused about which style will suit you. So, with the help of different hair accessories such as hairpins, hair bands, floral accessories, or tiaras, you can have a sophisticated and royal look. 

  • Right Pair of Shoes

Shoes or footwear are something you should choose wisely. So, while choosing footwear accessories, you should consider the following factors the length of the dress, check if the footwear is comfortable or not, and last but not least, you should have proper confidence to wear heels throughout the party. 

Additionally, you can see different options in footwear which are:

  • High heels
  • Block heels
  • Strap heels
  • Flats
  • Glam up the Nails

Now, after jewellery, footwear, and hair accessories, you can also glam up your nails to look more perfect. Also, you can choose different nail art, such as ombre, colour block, floral, nude, jewel, etc, as per your preference and dress style. 

  • Wearing a Belt

If your jumpsuit is a bit loose, but you love its color and style, don’t fret. Opt for a belt to transform the fit and showcase your curves. Belting the waist adds definition and enhances the overall look, making your jumpsuit appear perfect for your unique silhouette.

  • Confidence is the key

While dressing up for any party or event, you should remember that confidence is the most important accessory that everyone should wear. Along with your dress, hairstyle, shoes, bracelets, etc., you should have a confident look that can be seen on your face


Now you know the tips for accessorising your dress for a cocktail party. Also, how different accessories such as belts, studs, hoops, bracelets, and the right pair of shoes make your look more perfect and add a touch of glam to your overall appearance. Additionally, you should be confident to carry yourself in front of many people. 


              So, don’t sit idle, go and start your preparation for a perfect look for a party!


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