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Actimel helps you #squeezemorein

I’m a huge fan of Actimel Plus. The fabulous, fruity yoghurt drink is the perfect start to the day for someone like me, always in a rush in the mornings and not really a huge fan of breakfast. I always make sure I keep a supply of my favourite Strawberry flavour in my fridge, and am keen to try the new Blackcurrant flavour too. I love the fact that I can also persuade my little boy to drink these too – he seems to enjoy them almost as much as I do, with Vanilla being his favourite.


Actimel have a special ethos, they believe that squeezing a lot in is a good thing. That is why there is so much goodness packed into each 100g bottle. The old saying that great things come in packages is certainly true when applied to Actimel, with each bottle being packed full with yoghurt, live cultures, fruit puree, calcium and essential vitamins B6 & D. These help support the normal functions of our immune system. In addition, the fruit flavours are also rich in Vitamin C. This ensures that the drinks are both a healthy and delicious choice.

Actimel believes that squeezing a lot in is a good thing, and, to celebrate this fact, they are giving you the chance to be ‘squeezed’ into some truly great events. They are asking you the question ‘Do you squeeze as much into your family day as Actimel squeeze into their little bottles? Could you prove it?’


Maybe you leave the car behind and squeeze in a run when you’ve taken the kids to school? Do you turn the Sunday leftovers into Bubble and Squeak squeezing a couple of extra meals from one Roast? Do you turn cleaning the toys away into another game? Maybe you’ve turned cleaning the house into a workout, complete with music and Zumba gear? There are just so many ways that you can squeeze more in!


Actimel want you to share all the weird, wacky and wonderful ways that you ‘squeeze more in’. Simply follow the Actimel Twitter account (@ActimelUK) and tell the world how you are Squeezing more into your family day. Use the hashtag #Squeezemorein and you might be the lucky winner of tickets to amazing concerts and events, including the X Factor events at the O2.

To find out more about Actimel, click here.

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This blog post is a sponsored post in partnership with Actimel.


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