Activewear Ideas For Every Occasion

Did you know that activewear can be worn outside the gym? Yes, it’s possible and very convenient.

Here are a few ideas for styling athletic wear in day-to-day life.

Casual Look

This is the most obvious choice, but still worth mentioning. Activewear can be a great outfit for staying comfy and looking great. Just wear a pair of leggings or yoga pants with your simple top and sneakers and ace that casual look.

Sports leggings work exceptionally well as they are highly versatile and pair well with many outfits. Wear them to run errands or go outside and grab some coffee in the morning.

Have to go out with friends? Add a longline tee, and you’ll be ready to catch up with your girls on a casual brunch. You can add on a cozy cardigan to combat the cold weather.

Want a more classic look? Putting on some dressy flats and carrying a structured bag will make even the most casual gym outfit look pulled together. You can check out women’s activewear in NZ here. 

Workwear / Semi-Formal Look

Athletic wear can be worn as workwear too. All sports and gym outfits are typically stretchy and comfortable, making them perfect for long hours at the office.

So, what’s the best way to style them? Well, our favorite is the unique combination of sports bras, jogger pants, & layering tops.

Shirts with long, lean lines pair exceptionally well with sports bras. If you want to ditch regular shirts, a nice-fitting sweatshirt will always cover up for it. Pair them with your favorite body-hugging jogger pants or yoga pants, and spend an entire day at the office in total comfort.

For a dressier look, throw in a blazer or cardigan and you’ll be good to go. Or, try layering a sports bra with zipper tops to get that perfect smart look.

Want to explore more style choices for your workplace? Here are 5 style choices for working women

Loungewear / Sleepwear

Soft, breathable, easy-to-wear, and comfortable — all of these details make activewear a fantastic choice for loungewear as well.

Don’t feel like doing anything on the weekend? No problem! Wear your favorite leggings or jogger pants with a loose tee, and spend the entire day relaxing on your couch.

Plus, you can choose to hit the bed in the same clothes and enjoy a good night’s sleep. The moisture-wicking fabric and relaxed fit keep you cool and dry in the bed, so you don’t wake up irritated in the middle of the night.

Or, you can stay warm, comfy, and cuddly in your workout hoodie on chilly nights and mornings. 

What’s more? Sleeping in your activewear will allow you to make it to the gym or jogging track in no time.

Date Night / Party Look

Headed to a party after the gym but don’t know what to wear? Well, activewear is going to rescue again. 

Dressing up for a party or night at the bar doesn’t mean you need to change out of your sporty outfit (but make sure you don’t forget to spray a nice perfume to beat the sweat).

Try pairing an off-the-shoulder sweater with bright activewear leggings and heels. And if you want to cover up your sports bra, simply layer a basic tee or tank top on it.

Add some shiny accessories and carry a clutch for an all-glam party look. If you’re not sure what jewelry to wear, here’s a little jewelry guide for party wear.

The best part? You can style the same outfit differently and wear it to work the next day. A little creativity with tops and accessories will help you ace any look you want.

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