Activities To Support My Child’s Cognitive Development

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Lots of activities can help your child learn what cognitive development means to them, and help with their confidence, self-esteem, and more. It will also be very critical to their development during school time. Here are some activities you could try out with your child.

Play board games

Lots, if not all, board games will require a level of cognitive thought and memory. Snakes and Ladders is a prime example of this, where your child will have the chance to pick and choose where they should go based on the role of the dice. You could also play Connect Four, where your child has to think about where to place the next coloured disc in order to beat you.

Read books with your child

To develop both literacy and memory skills, both essential for cognitive development, we recommend picking up a book with your child each week. These can be picture books and pop out books before developing into short stories or novels. Having the chance to read a book each week will help children learn a lot more about those life lessons of the world, including giving your child the ability to find books and stories for themselves.

Play songs and games that incorporate multiple moves

This is often why this pre prep school in Bristol will provide your child with a multitude of games and songs to dance along to. Clapping songs and jump rope songs are classics from the playground but rely on your child knowing to sing and clap at the same time to follow a beat. This is a good way of helping them think on their toes.

Go on nature walks

To help a child learn to discover new things all the time, allow them to head out on nature walks with you. There are a few ways you can help your child with this through pointing out the wildlife you spot on walks, the footprints you spot in the mud and the plants you see. These all help your child learn about the world, biodiversity and what is naturally found on their doorstep.


We all have cognitive skills, but for children they have to start right at the beginning. It’s a good opportunity for all children to find their skills easily, through critical thinking and personal direction, so it’s a great way to help them further develop.

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