Adele – 2011 Cover Queen.

The undoubted breakout star of 2011 has been Adele.  Musically she has dominated both the album and singles charts, and she has provided a beautiful role model for those girls who do not have a size 10 figure. And  what has been amazing for a girl who has a size 16 figure, and jokes that she ought to be the face of ‘full fat cola’ is that she has  been embraced by the Fashion Press and has become one of the hottest cover girls of 2011,  culminating this month with the cover of Vogue’s October Issue.

Adele has graced the covers of numerous magazines this year, Glamour, US and Canadian Elle, Rolling Stone, Q, Look, More, and So Fabulous  are just some of the magazines that have featured Adele’s brand of glossy haired, glowing skinned beauty. She was praised in Vogue has having a type of Catherine Deneuve beauty and has seen the 1960s styling becoming a key beauty trend, with many stars embracing her bouffant style hairstyle.


Of course, the pictures of Adele that have been used haven’t been without controversy, mainly due to the fact that they have focused on her face rather than any full length shots that have shown off her curvy, plus-sized figure. I personally  think this is nonsense that just detracts from the fact that there is now a plus  sized girl making covers worldwide. Because, lets face it, we all know exactly what Adele looks like,  we know she isn’t Cheryl Cole skinny, but she is beautiful, and she is there, on major magazine covers. We don’t forget what she  looks like because we can’t see her in full. There is a story that  in 1955, whilst filming the movie ‘Bus Stop’, there was concern that a shot of Don Murray cut off the top of  his head. Producers were worried about this, but Marilyn Monroe,in her wisdom,  pointed out that they shouldn’t really be worried, it had already been established that Dom  Murray had a top to his head, audiences wouldn’t be worried. This is how I feel about these pictures. We know Adele is curvy, we don’t need to see it in every photograph of her.

It is such a positive step putting Adele on  magazine covers, respecting her beauty and her success. I really hope that she continues her reign over the charts and her role as a magazine cover girl for a long time to come.