Advent Calendars – A Few To Consider This Year

There are just 19 days left until you can start to open those little windows and really begin your countdown to Christmas.

If you are yet to choose your advent calendar, I have put together a few ideas to wet your appetite and maybe point you in the right direction. Warning, there is not a chocolate shape in sight in this post!

For Nespresso Lovers

If you are a Nespresso lover, the idea of having a new blend of coffee every day through the advent period is highly appealing. The Personalised Coffee Advent Calendar Box from I Just Love It is a great gift for coffee lovers looking to widen their taste buds with a different coffee each morning. The advent calendar can be personalised with any name to add that extra special touch this Christmas, and also make it a great early gift idea.

Each pod is Nespresso compatible, and there are a range of flavours and types of coffee, from vanilla latte and cappuccino to the classic Americano. For those who are worried about the environment, the packaging is fully recyclable, and beautiful box could even be reused next year and filled up again with their favourites.

For Classic Coffee Lovers

But if you love coffee that easy way, with water from the kettle and a quick stir, then just look at the gorgeous advent calendar from Beanies Coffee. Beanies coffee is only 2 calories a cup and completely sugar free but the flavour means you can still get a sweet fix without the need to add sugar or sweeteners to it.

The Beanies advent calendar for 2019 is brilliant. On Day 1 you get a travel cup, then from 2nd-23rd 2 sachets of different flavour coffee each day, and on the final day a 50g jar of Christmas flavoured coffee. The flavours are amazing, from Cookie Dough and Caramel Popcorn to Irish Cream and Amaretto Almond. The Calendar costs £20 and should cover your coffee fix throughout December.

An Advent Candle From Norma And Dorothy

If you are looking for a stylish alternative to the traditional ‘open the doors’ kind of calendar, then you could look at the personalised Christmas Advent candles from Norma and Dorothy.

Their Advent candle is just lovely, very cleverly coming with a burn time of 25 hours. The idea is that you burn it for one hour each day and then cross off the number on the label. The festive scent of Orange and Cinnamon will fill your home and leave you feeling all Christmassy.

The candle jar label can be personalised with a name(s) and the year, and the candle itself is made from natural soy wax that has been hand poured in their Manchester workshop.

For Football Fans

The advent calendar that is always top of my boys list is the Match Attax Christmas Countdown. This calendar has a guaranteed limited edition card, Pierre Emerick Abameyang, and has a pack of collectors cards for each window, containing cards for the cream of the English Premier League.

The calendar costs £20 and is a must have for football mad kids.

One for Beauty Lovers

There are a lot of really lovely calendars for beauty lovers, and I am a real fan of Amazon’s calendar this year, which comes in at a very reasonable £40 and has a host of lovely branded name beauty products within.

The idea of this calendar is two fold. It gives you the opportunity to try new products and brands across skin care, hair care and make-up. If you like them, you can then buy the products instantly by scanning the Amazon SmileCodes included in the accompanying leaflet.

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