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Whether you are jetting off for some Summer Sun, traveling for an exciting city break, or heading for a cruise of a lifetime, a holiday is always an exciting time. But it is also a busy one – there are lots of things to sort in order to ensure your holiday goes without a hitch. One of the most important things to organise is how you are going to get to the airport, and, if the answer to this is by car, where are you going to park?

Traveling to your destination airport in your own transport is convenient. You can leave your home when you want, and do not have to rely on a taxi turning up on time, or even turning up at all. In addition, once your holiday has ended, you have the convenience of being able to just jump in your car and head off home, no waiting on anyone else.

But if you are traveling in your own transport, then you need to make sure you have sorted airport parking beforehand. This should not be left too long, try to book as soon as you know your travel dates as secure and onsite parking can quickly become fully booked, especially during peak periods and high season.

Booking your parking in advance can ensure you get the best discounts and packages. You can choose between onsite parking which can have a concierge service and correct signage you can find out about here, this is convenient but can be more expensive, or offsite options that offer shuttle transportation to the departures lounge and will collect you from arrivals.

Another option is a package that combines an overnight hotel stay with 7 or 14 days parking. This is a great option if your flight is a night flight, or an early morning departure, and is often more reasonably priced than on site options.

The key to getting the best parking deal is to compare priced and options available before you book. Check out the Parking at Airports comparison widget to ensure you get the very best deal, saving you a little extra spending money for your trip.



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