Airport Style: How to Get It Right

When air travel was first initially opened to the public, passengers would dress up in their absolute best. During this golden age of air travel, the change to fly up in the sky was almost as exciting as the destination. Today, it is just another means to an end, but that doesn’t mean you should stop putting in effort to look good. It is no secret that we feel great about ourselves when we think we look great, which is why nailing your style choices when traveling from airports should be a must on any stylish woman’s to-do list. You don’t have to push through in a sweaty mess, by following this guide, you can get your airport style right the first time:

Pack Smart for Easy Travel

To pack smart, you need to not only think about how garments go together, but how you can pack your bags so that you can get through airport security with ease. If you only have your carry on for your trip, the quality of your travel wardrobe becomes more important. Try to choose items that only go together so that you have the maximum number of outfit choices, and then keep all liquids and electronics in easy-to-reach areas.

Wear Layers to Accommodate Fluctuating Temperatures

If you are traveling from a cold country to a warm country or vice versa, it can be very beneficial to wear layers to accommodate the fluctuating temperatures. To accommodate different temperatures, wear an:

  • Undershirt and sports bra for comfort
  • Blouse or over shirt
  • Cardigan or coat

The more layers, the more opportunities you have to be the right temperature in any situation.

Have an Airport-Approved Beauty Pack to Refresh

If airlines make you sweat and even cause your acne break out, then bring a small beauty pack of face wash and moisturizer. It isn’t recommended you do this on the plane, of course, but cleaning up afterward in the bathroom can help you stay looking fresh and polished.

Know Airport Policy to Survive Delays

Delays can turn even the most experienced traveler into a nightmare. Rather than let things you cannot control cause you so much distress, know your rights and airport policy beforehand. For example, knowing you can claim compensation on reasonable expenses made during a delay can help you recoup some of the costs. This applies whether you are flying first class or on a budget airline like Ryanair. If they do not give you a voucher for a free drink or meal, remember to keep your receipts. If your delay exceeds 1.5 hours, you can take these receipts and contact FairPlane to see if you have a compensation claim. If you do, you can get the mandated compensation cost and either all your expenses back or at least some of them.

Airports are a familiar face to travelers. You almost always have wait times, and therefore it is up to you to make the most of the experience as you can. Dressing up and knowing how to stay comfortable can help you feel great and enjoy yourself so much more during any pre-boarding wait or layover you have.


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