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Lockdown did many things for many people, some people baked banana bread, some took up outdoor hobbies, others read lots of books. Bloggers Kelly and Zoey, who you may know from ‘Our Transitional Life’ found that they couldn’t find the sort of bright and funky jewellery that they loved online, and so decided to make their own using polymer clay. KelZo was hence born!

KelZo jewellery is a lot like the ladies themselves, beautiful, bright and a lot of fun. As an LGBTQ+ family, they have committed to supporting causes close to their heart – this year their chosen charity is Mermaids and they donate 10% from sales from their LGBTQ+ Pride Collection.

Their jewellery is also about being kind to the planet. They have a no waste policy (all clay is used and leftovers recycled), and a specific Zero Waste Collection.

So what is the jewellery actually like?

In a word – ‘Stunning’. Their designs are beautiful, full of Pride rainbows and hearts, disco colours and happy places – one of my current faves and absolutely on my list are the seashell earrings that just shimmer. Rainbow coloured Lightning bolts work so well if, like me, you are a huge David Bowie fan, and there are also smaller designs, pretty stars and heart shaped studs, that will work well if you like less flashy designs, or want to wear the earrings for work or school.

Polymer clay is so good for earrings as it allows for big, bold designs, but is also light, making it kind to the ears, no big heavy designs pulling the lobe down. I’ve recently spent a week in Wales enjoying the sunshine, and these earrings were just perfect with sundresses and ice cream, they have such a summery feel about them.

If you are already thinking about a present for the teacher as we head into the last term, then the KelZo collection is definitely one worth a look. Also, if you are still shielding, or want to send a present to someone who is, then these are perfect as they are letterbox sized and come beautifully packaged with a scented tealight included, making them a gorgeous surprise for someone who needs a pick me up.

KelZo jewellery will be a lovely addition to your own jewellery box as it will fit in well with your other pieces. Whether you are wearing simple jeans and a tee, or a little black dress, these pieces offer a splash of colour, a touch of the rainbow, even on the worst of days.


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