All Shipshape With Fathom Bracelets

A piece of jewellery that is perfect for both men and women, and will particularly appeal to those with a love of sailing and all things linked to the sea, this is what you get with a Fathom Bracelet. Effortlessly cool, in a range of styles and colours that can incorporate rope designs, leather and slimmer string designs, Fathom Bracelets are different from any other piece of jewellery you own.

The LA SPEZIA Mens or Womens Thimble Charm Bracelet with a Paracord Rope is the bracelet I have been wearing. It is gorgeous, with a Silver plated, polished stainless steel (316L) sailing thimble at its centre. The nautical (and slightly patriotic) colourway of the bracelet, red, white and blue, is both pretty with its primary shades, and is also perfectly springlike and vibrant. It would look just fabulous with a stripy Breton top and denim.

The design is adjustable, and is very easy to adjust, hence making it something that can fit both men and women. The ends of the bracelet are tied in a sailing knot, covered with waxed polyester whipping twine, so you are not going to be faced with frayed ends which would ruin the look of your bracelet. The style is described as minimalist, but I actually thing the sailing thimble makes it a real statement piece and definitely something that would catch the eye and lead to comments.

The bracelet is a lovely gift idea for a sailing lover, and comes really beautifully gifted box in a stylish black and silver box. A card inside the box will help you to adjust the bracelet to the correct size.

This is a gift that would also work as an his/hers style friendship bracelet or a token of love for a couple who love their life best when they are on water.


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