‘And Just Like That…’ Sex And The City Is Back.

And just like that…it came back. Yes, Sex and the City, the iconic show that spawned six series, two films and a whole host of fashion trends is now being resurrected for a new series, with one crucial absence. ‘And Just Like That‘ follows Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as we meet them once again in New York. Samantha Jones, however, is not returning, with Kim Cattrall no taking part in the new show. And that is something that worries me, because if Sarah Jessica Parker was the heart and soul of Sex in the City, it was Samantha Jones who gave it its warmth, and, yes, gave it the sex, often in bawdy hilarious fashion. She was a scene stealer, and one who will be hard to replace.

‘And Just Like That’ is same women, in the same city, but now older and (hopefully) wiser. We don’t yet know what life has bought them in the years since the much maligned SATC2, whether they are all still married, have had any more children, are working or are ladies of leisure, but all will be revealed in the new series, which has just started filming on location in New York. (Cue much excitement when SJP was spotted on the steps outside Carrie’s apartment.)

The fashion was always the fifth star of the original show, with Patricia Field creating looks that became iconic. From Baguette bags to Manolo Blahnik shoes, to corsages and name tag necklaces, from the mixture of high fashion and specially curated vintage, each outfit was unique and brilliant, with each lady having her own unique look, albeit one that then spawned a thousand more. The outfits already displayed by the leading ladies show their has been no shirking in the style stakes, with looks that are bound to be dissected a million times over and then copied by the High Street. I’m already loving the full skirts worn by both Carrie and Charlotte, and love that Miranda manages to be chic and elegant in both her mannish tailoring and her colourful dresses.

I will so miss Samantha, and am wondering how her absence will be explained, but I can’t say I am not over the moon looking at the stills that have emerged from ‘And just like that’. After the year of hell I can’t wait for the glamour and escapism of Sex in the City. And just like that…it was back!

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