Animals that are winning at life.

So December, aside from being the month of Christmas, copious amounts of good, but exceedingly naughty food, too many late nights and the month I discovered Appletini’s (must try if you haven’t already.), December was the month we had a new addition to the family. This one was exceedingly small, had the most beautiful eyes that you could just about drown in, and is already developing a wardrobe to rival mine. Say hello to Holly.



Holly is a Bichon Frise, the most adorable ball of white fluff with the sweetest nature. She doesn’t actually belong to me, she was a gift to my mom and dad from my brother, but I have to admit I am totally smitten with her and looking forward to looking after her whenever they take a holiday.  Joe is similarly smitten and has been happily making a special friend of Holly all through the Christmas break, having two sleepovers just to spend a little more time with the already pampered pooch. She is totally adorable – a little doggie star.




Holly already has a fine life, with outfits, more toys than your average child, and a choice of beds. She could already be described as a dog winning at life, although maybe not winning in quite the same way as some of the pets featured on a infographic put together by which introduces some of the world’s richest, and most famous animals. We’re talking a chihuahua with her own mansion, a German Shepherd who inherited £64million, and Tardy the so called Grumpy Cat (although what he has to be grumpy about with a fortune that could be as much as £80million is anyone’s guess.) These are pets that have huge followings on social media, without really lifting a paw to earn any of it. Cash Lady reckons that life would be so much easier being one of these animals, and that is something that is hard to dispute.



2 thoughts on “Animals that are winning at life.

  1. Oh my! So cute! Holly’s little jacket, aww, adorable!
    I had no idea those animals were worth so much money/had so much money, wow! They’re totally winning at life — More than I am, haha. I LOVE grumpy cat!

  2. She’s gorgeous!! I hope to see more pictures of her in later posts – fingers crossed you get to dog-sit soon! My sister dresses her dog up on occasions and the outfits alone are so expensive, let alone her £900 dog.

    Here’s me, can’t afford to buy a new £30 coat!

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