Are Ample Meal Replacement Drinks & Bulk Powder Worth the Cost?

As every seasoned dieter knows, organizing your nutrition is a challenging quest. A meal replacement can make it easier to eat healthy, as long as the supplement provides what the body needs. Sadly, few meal replacements are decent and the ones that may not suit the diet you follow.

Ample meal replacements have what it takes to be nourishing. Packed with a balanced ratio of macronutrients from high-grade sources, they supply vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and more. And they offer special formulas for keto, vegan, and flexible diets. In short, Ample seems promising. Let’s give it a closer look.

What Is Ample Exactly?

Ample is a line of meal replacements that aim to be a complete substitute for a full meal. They rely on wholesome ingredients from real-food sources that supply high-quality proteins and fats, as well as other essential nutrients. And they are geared to diverse dietary goals.

Namely, Ample comes in three versions: Ample Original, Ample K, and Ample V. Ample Original is suitable for omnivorous, lacto-vegetarian, and other non-restrictive diets. While Ample K and Ample V are specially designed for keto and vegan diets.

Ample is also well-suited for on-the-go use as you can see from this Ample Meal review. Each of them comes as a dry powder in a handy pre-portioned BPA-free bottle. As a result, Ample is easy to turn into a fresh and nutritious shake.

As with other supplements, though, there are reasons for and against Ample meal replacements.

Key Benefits of Ample Meal Replacements

Ample stands out from most other meal replacements. Each Ample formula is:

  • Gluten and soy free Through various mechanisms, gluten and soy stand guilty of having the same nasty effect – undermining gut health and nutrient absorption. Because Ample steers clear of both gluten and soy, it boosts digestive health and nutrient absorption.
  • Non-GMO A ton of money goes into marketing genetically modified products. And yet the studies of their long-term health effects are virtually non-existent. Ample errs on the safe side and contains no GMOs.
  • All-natural There’s a wealth of research on the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, and colors. But there’s no shortage of supplements employing them. Ample uses only natural ingredients and avoids these toxic substances.

Without doubt, Ample seems to be a safe meal replacement but it isn’t free of shortcomings.

Main Drawbacks of Ample Meal Replacements

Ample isn’t an ideal fit for some dieters. Ample has:

  • Limited range of micronutrients The body needs 26 vitamins and minerals to be healthy. But Ample supplements only iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Plus, vitamin D3 in Ample Original and Ample K, and vitamins A, C, and B12 in Ample V.
  • Traces of nuts, milk, and eggs Ample uses coconut and macademia nut in all three formulas. It comes with milk and egg components in Ample K. And it relies on ingredients from milk in Ample Original. Sadly, many dieters are allergic to nuts, milk, and eggs.
  • Sugars in all formulas Every formula of Ample contains a small amount of sugar. Though Ample derives it from natural sources, sugar is a risk for keto dieters. It’s also a certain no for those who need a sugar-free supplement.

These drawbacks may be significant for some dieters and irrelevant for others. With them in mind, let’s learn more about Ample.

How Nutritious Is Ample?

Each formula of Ample is available in two distinct meal sizes: Regular or Large. Relying on the same ingredients within each formula, these sizes account for 400 calories or 600 calories respectively.

But Ample formulas differ in macronutrient ratios and the ingredients used to supply them:



In addition, each Ample formula includes six strains of Bacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Lactobacillus probiotic cultures. In total, they account for more than 4 billion colony-forming units (CFUs). This is more than fourfold the probiotics in yogurt.

Finally, all Ample formulas contain organic wheatgrass and organic barley grass. These superfoods make for a wealthy source of antioxidants. In case of Ample V, they come along with organic kale, raspberries, and carrots as well.

What About the Taste?

Sadly, Ample doesn’t offer many flavors. But the ones that it does – taste authentic and delicious.

Ample uses real Vanilla (Ample Original), Berry (Ample V), Chocolate (Ample K), and Vanilla Cinnamon (Ample K) flavors. And it sweetens all its formulas naturally with monk fruit extract and stevia extract.

Furthermore, Ample formulas contain coconut oil that makes Ample shakes extra smooth.

Our Verdict on Ample

Ample meal replacements appear safe, convenient, and densely packed with high-grade nutrients. They also seem well-suited for a variety of dietary goals. This makes Ample a decent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their diet with a high-quality all-round meal replacement supplement.

Be careful, though, if you’re allergic to nuts, milk, or eggs, since some Ample formulas contain their traces. Ample also isn’t suitable for those who want a sugar-free meal replacement. And it wouldn’t work for those dieters who want their supplement to cover all essential micronutrients.

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