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Are There Advantages of Smoking V Vaping?

Smoking cigarettes is a nasty habit, which many people try to quit every day using vapes and e-cigarettes. But are there any advantages to smoking in the traditional way, are there still reasons, other than just habit, that would cause people to choose a cigarette over the e-kind?

Here are some of the arguments used by the smoking lobby.


You never have to look for a particular store to find your favorite smoke.  With almost every store selling cigarettes, you are assured to get a fresh supply of the same whenever you like. Vapes, on the other hand, aren’t available in all stores. Until smoking kills you, you will always have a comfortable life as a smoker.

No tutorial needed

While vaping has a learning curve, you do not need any tutorial to learn how to smoke. Just put the stick in your mouth, light it up, the take as many puffs as you like. Vapers have to walk around with the mods, recharging kit, or some batteries. You also have to change the coil in your mods once in a while. This is however not the case with smoking. All you need is a lighter.

Smoking is cool?

Back in the 40s and 80s, virtually everyone (philosophers, musicians, movie stars, accountants, artists, etc.) smoked. Smoking was the coolest thing back then. The same however cannot be said about vaping. While smokers have a romantic attachment to the habit, a virtual like this doesn’t exist with vapers. There are also cool accessories you can buy when you are a smoker from places like smoke shop which is another thing that vaping doesn’t really allow.

But Smoking leaves you yearning for more (It is addictive)

While nicotine addiction may seem like a curse (for those trying to quit smoking), it is actually a good thing. What’s the one thing that is exquisite yet leaves you unsatisfied? If cigarette smoking was so terrible, then why wouldn’t one quit on the first few puffs.

Once you get hooked to smoking, quitting can be quite a task. Nonetheless, this translates to more sales for tobacco companies and stock traders. Cigarette smokers contribute significantly to the national treasury as they go about smoking. Although many consider it cheap, it is the biggest revenue earner for most governments. While it may be a killer, some would argue that it has its benefits.

Smoking is deeply social

This is one of the most interesting things about smoking. Smokers get social pretty fast, and it all starts with one borrowing a cigarette or a lighter. Smokers spent lots of time getting to know each other, hence make friendships very fast. While some vapers do share their vape, it isn’t as wild.

Sharing a vape also seems clumsy for most people get attached to their devices. This is because vapers go for specific flavors that suit their needs. It is for this reason you will find dozens of e-liquid flavors in the market. While a particular flavor may be good for you, someone else may not like it at all.

Smoking tastes better than vaping

While your smoking mileage may not be that long, expert smokers will tell you nothing beats a good smoke. Although there may be dozens of e-liquid flavors on the market, nothing tastes better or gives you the satisfaction smoke does as it passes by your tongue to the nostrils. Tobacco smoke has a distinctive flavor that separates it from nicotine flavors out there. This is one of the reasons individuals trying vaping almost always go back to their packet of cigarettes.  If looking for the original taste of tobacco that made everyone in the 80’s love smoking, go for the stick.


Smoking is, without a doubt, the most expensive habit, and one that may send you to the grave early. But it has to be said it is a habit that many enjoy and miss. Most cigarette smokers will not go a day, or even an hour without taking a puff. It also makes them the most social people in the world.  The advantages of smoking outlined above should help you decide on whether to keep smoking or cross to the other side. Dental Veneers Redwood City recommends consulting a health professional to make sure you’ll be making the right decision.

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