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Are You An Edge Sleeper? Try These Mattresses For Maximum Support.

When you’re an edge sleeper, the struggle to find a mattress that doesn’t crumple under you is real! Edge support is the resistance a mattress has at its permitter, and the heavier you are, the more support you need. 

The problem is that some manufacturers do not consider that some people like to sleep at the edge or find their way there. The issue is more pronounced when you weigh over 150lbs and have a soft mattress.

What is edge support?

Think about what happens when you squish a marshmallow between your thumb and finger – it squishes and bulges at the edge. This also happens to a mattress lacking edge support when lying on it.

Edge support is an encasement that wraps around the mattress, keeping the layers from flattening towards the edge. A wire (reinforced rod edge) is the most common, but some technologies call for a fabric encasement built into the cover.

Some mattress materials are more prone to poor edge support than others. For instance, memory foam has no edge support without reinforcement, while latex foam remains rigid at the edge and does not usually need reinforcement.

The best mattress for edge support

The best way to ensure edge support is to err on the firmer side when choosing a mattress so that it correctly supports your weight. Firmer mattresses already have edge support.

Most edge support issues are due to mattresses lacking sufficient firmness not to squish when people lie on them. This is an issue of body weight – you must choose a mattress that stays firm when you lie on it. 

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Firm if you weigh over 230lbs
  • Medium-firm if you weigh 180lbs to 229lbs
  • Medium if you weigh between 130lbs and 179lbs

The material or technology of a mattress does not matter for edge support, providing that the mattress is encased in foam or has a rod to contain the materials. As such, you should look for specific mentions of edge support.

If we nit-pick and choose a mattress based on technology, here’s what you need to know:

  • Memory foam is too squishy to provide edge support, which is why it is usually used as a comfort layer rather than a support layer.
  • Latex foam has excellent edge support and responsiveness but requires layers of soft foam to create a smooth, cushioned feel.
  • Pocket springs and open coils provide edge support, providing there is a foam encapsulated edge to keep the springs in shape.   

Expert mattress recommendations

We recommend a hybrid or pocket spring mattress for edge support, but you should go one step further by ensuring the edge is reinforced.

Here are some mattress recommendations from our experts:

Sleepeezee Jessica (medium)

The Sleepeezee Jessica costs £749 for a king and has foam encapsulation to provide rigid edge support. It has 1,800 pocket springs, 3cm of memory foam, and 6cm of Staycool gel to dissipate your body heat and keep you comfortable.

Millbrook Beds Lavish (medium)

The Millbrook Beds Lavish costs £699 for a king and has an edge-to-edge support system for consistent firmness across the sleep surface. It has 4,000 pocket springs and natural fillings – perfect if you want an eco-friendly mattress.

Mlily Bamboo Superb Ortho (medium-firm)

The Mlily Bamboo Superb Ortho is perfect for people over 180lbs, with an Aero-Flex border for edge support, 2,500 pocket springs, and 5cm of breathable charcoal-bamboo memory foam. It costs £849 for a king.

Giltedge Beds Pure 1000 (medium-firm)

The Giltedge Beds Pure 1000 (£629, king) has a foam encapsulated, reinforced border for outstanding edge support. It uses natural wool fillings for a cushioned sleep, with a 3D mesh border to enhance breathability and regulate temperature.

Sleepeezee Hybrid 2000 (firm)

The Sleepeezee Hybrid 2000 offers fantastic value at £649 and provides a firmer sleep surface ideal for people weighing over 230lbs. It has a foam encapsulated border and stays rigid at the edge with 4cm of Staycool gel.

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