Assessing Your Insurance Needs

It would seem to be stating the obvious to say that in this day and age, insurance is something that we all need to take out, often with many different policies for many different reasons and occurrences. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although not having things like life insurance, home insurance, or taking out travel insurance when you are going away may seem like a reckless and unnecessary risk, there are still many people who are willing to take it, with 9.9million Brits who went abroad last year traveling with no insurance.

Insurance may sometimes seem like yet another bill, but if you own your own home, or work in a job where your income is not protected if you were to become unwell, then it is something that needs to be considered. In addition, traveling without insurance is not without risks that range from the minor (loss of luggage) to major (suffering serious illness or an accident.) You could be left with enormous bills which you have no way of paying, all for the point of making a small saving before you leave. who offer all sorts of insurance plans have put together an interesting infographic that looks in detail at the insurance journey an average person will take during their life. They look at all of the common insurances, but also offer insurance to cover your children – from insurance for a loss of income if your child was to suffer from a long term illness that requires specialist care, to cover in case the unthinkable happens and you were to suffer the loss of a child.

Insurance can seem like a minefield that you struggle to find a way through, but the useful infographic below shows that this need not be the case.

The Average Persons Life Insurance Journey
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