Back To School Essentials 2020

There will never be a stranger time to return to school than September 2020. For many children and teenagers this will be the first time of setting foot in a classroom in six months, and all the rules and routines they have been used to will have disappeared out of the window, in favour of new safety regimes and regulations which make school a very different beast from the one kids last walked out of.

If you have primary age children, you no longer need to send them to school with a bag. My lad went back to Year 6 in June, and each child had their own equipment that was for their use solely, and they were asked not to bring anything else, other than a water bottle and packed lunch.

But the story is very different if you are just starting, or are going back, to High School. There we have been sent a rather extensive list of equipment that your child needs to take, every single day. It also includes items like headphones, calculators, extensive stationery lists and those aforementioned water bottles. Different coloured pens, whiteboard pens and markers are also on the list, as well as pencils, rulers, rubbers and a pencil case.

You may want to give your child help in other areas. There are essay editing services who may be able to look at work produced and give pointers to improvements and ways forward, particularly useful for those who have missed so much schooling. An editing company could help refine work to a better standard.

If you have a child who is just starting the Comprehensive this September, here are some items that may well be worth an investment.

Pen Heaven

Pen Heaven is your destination for decent pens, ink cartridge pens and beautiful notebooks, which may be very useful for homework and note making.

Moleskine Large Limited Edition Harry Potter Notebook – Phoenix

Lamy Safari 2020 Special Edition Mango Fountain Pen

Parker Jotter Original Green Ballpoint Pen

Water Bottles From Wilko

Wilko has a really good range of water bottles that cover all budgets and range from sleek, metallic styles, to those that can also infuse fruit for those who want to add a bit of extra flavour to their water.

Wilko 700ml Purple Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 0447946

Wilko Pink and Blue Ombre Double Wall Bottle 0490579 £5.00

Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes 

If your child has not been at school for six months, you may invest in games and toys that will help them learn whilst still having lots of fun. The Orchard Toys Times Table Heroes game is just such an item. It features two very different games, catering for two levels of difficulty. The first is a board game where players complete multiplication sums from 2 to 12 and battle it out to save the city with their superhero powers – making it great for imaginative play too. The second is a fast-paced bingo where players practice their 2, 5 and 10 times tables as they race to get three in a row. The game is a brilliant learning tool as it develops number, counting, personal and social skills, and promotes imaginative play.