Back to work with Vistaprint

Holidays are now well and truly over, and so for many of us thoughts turn back to work. For some people this means a new suit or a smart new work bag. But equally as important when setting that first example is your business card, which through design and quality can say an awful lot about you and your business. Some of the brightest and best business cards around are those produced by Vistaprint.


Once upon a time business cards seemed to belong to the Yuppie businessman. Who can forget Patrick Bateman in American Pyscho, planning the death of a colleague who had the perfect, minimalist card. But these days, many people find that a stylish card is the best way to keep all your relevant details in one place.

As a blogger and writer I find I attend a lot of events where it is useful to have a business card, and I started with a very simple one which I purchased through Vistaprint in 2010. But as the blog grew, and I joined more social networks, the details on my card needed to be expanded on and updated. So I was very excited when Vistaprint offered to update my business cards with a new design.

Vistaprint really offer you the choice of having EXACTLY what you want for your card. You can upload your own design, images and photographs if you wish, but they also have a wealth of perfect designs to fit any business, from fashion and beauty, to technology, cars…basically anything you require. You can match your outlay to your budget by choosing whether your card is printed on both sides, printed in greyscale and whether your finish is glossy or matte.

The design I chose for the front of my card.

I opted for a very pink and girly design for my fashion-mommy card.  The shoe with the lipstick heel suited both the fashion and beauty aspects of my site, and I loved the hot pink – it would be hard to lose that card in your bag.  I opted for a double-sided design with all my relevant details on the back. This included my email and mobile number, as well as Twitter and Facebook page details. One of the brilliant things about Vistaprint is that it very cleverly lets you add and adapt details whilst showing you how this would look on the card, this allows you to keep the card from being uncluttered – you can see if you’ve added to much detail, or made a spelling mistake and amend it accordingly.

Love this for the back of the card – information to go on right hand side

The ordering process is very simple, and also allows you to add extra that may be useful for your business promotion, from promotional material, to stationary and invitations.

I was really pleased with my finished cards, which look professional, whilst retaining an element of fun. The quality of the cards is second to none and they are already being commented on.

Finished card.

There are always lots of special offers on Vistaprint, so it is well worth signing up to the Vistaprint insider newsletter.

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