Beagle Street – Life insurance that makes you smile

A rule of thumb if you are trying to sell a product – if you make your audience smile or laugh, you have a good chance of getting your message across. A good case in point is the latest video campaign for Beagle Street, who are promising a new way to buy Life insurance – one which is quicker and easier to understand, with less jargon, less paperwork and far less questions. Sounds good doesn’t it.

Beagle Street are getting their message across with a rather amusing film that is based on those classic nature programmes that the BBC is famous for. A David Attenborough soundalike is walking through a museum of extinct species, examining the bones and fossils they left behind. But there is a new species that has joined the ranks of the T-Rex, the Stegosaurus and the other dinosaurs. The new dinosaur in the museum is the ‘Independent Financial Advisor’, who finally became extinct in 2014.

The narrator explains that IFA’s, rather than offering help, actually made choosing policies such as life insurance more difficult, by using jargon and statements that the average person on the street didn’t understand, tendering reams of documents that all needed to be read before being signed, and generally being a little bit cheesy with their ‘shiny suits’ and briefcases.

Beagle Street is offering a simpler, quicker way to sort out you life insurance through their website. Whether you have had positive experiences of Independent Financial Advisors, or negative ones (and I can say that I have had both since we first applied for a mortgage 11 years ago, including a real horror story when trying to buy our house.) I’m sure you will agree this is a clever and funny way to sell Life Insurance.

*This is a promotional post.

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