Beautiful Graduation Announcement Invitations From Basic Invite

It is true we live in an age when everything can be done digitally, and most of our correspondence these days comes in the form of emails, text messages, tweets and some form of online chat. But there are still occasions when you want to do things the old fashioned way, and invitations are one form of correspondence that is best done in a way that is tangible, personalised and actually sent through the post rather than through cyber space.

Some of the most beautiful designs of invitation are those from Basic Invite (the name certainly gets your attention from the off, right!). They allow you to design a whole host of invitations, from wedding and engagement announcement and invitations, to birth announcements, Christening, special birthdays, literally every occasion.

This season Basic Invite is the best place to look for graduation announcements college. You can design your own announcements adding a picture of your graduate and a design that totally suits their personality. Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers a huge range of colour combinations, with instant online previews! What is brilliant is that you can change the colour of each element on a card, with over 180 different colours to choose from. The card can be precisely how you want it, down to even the smallest detail!

You can also make all your graduation stationary match by choosing matching grad party invitations and then, at the end of the celebrations, you can also add lovely and thoughtful thank you cards for graduation that could then be sent out to those who have offered good wishes and gifts of congratulations. Basic Invite even has the option for you to have your cards mailed out for you, so you don’t even need to get to the Post Office yourself, a further convenience and a great service.

I love that Basic Invites can send you custom samples. These means you can order a printed sample of your invite design so they can see the cards’ paper quality, and how it will print before they place your final order. This allows you to make minor changes if you believe your design is not quite right. I also love that you can also choose the cover of your envelopes for your cards. There are over 40 Different Envelope Colours, so you can match to any party colour schemes you may have chosen. All envelopes are peel and seal so that the envelopes can be closed quickly and easily.

Basic Invites create beautiful, special occasion stationary that can help make those magic moments even more special, and give people something to keep to commemorate those occasions.

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