Beautiful Jewellery Ideas For Spring.

I’ve been talking about wardrobe updates on the blog this month as it seems appropriate with the coming of Spring. Today I’m focusing on another way you can update your wardrobe, and that is through the jewellery you wear. Jewellery can completely change the look of an outfit, taking it from every day wear to being evening appropriate just through the addition of something sparkly or a real statement ring. In addition, if you have a little black dress in your wardrobe, this can pretty much take you to every occasion depending on the jewellery you choose.

Statement Rings

I am a little obsessed with statement rings. I love the fact that you can wear one with a plain t-shirt and jeans, and suddenly the outfit no longer looks casual, and instead is very sophisticated. When wearing a statement ring while keeping the rest of your jewellery to a minimum lets that key piece do all the talking. One of the best places to look for statement rings online is Story Jewellery, a gorgeous independent store that has a range of stunning jewellery, but really excels when it comes to rings.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner they have a great range of mother-daughter rings which are both elegant, beautiful and obviously very special to both Mother’s and daughters, showing a real bond between those special people. These are rings that can work in a few ways, as a gift to mother on Mother’s Day, as a birthday gift to either a mother or daughter. Or it could be that mom and girl have the same ring as a signifier of their special bond.

Another stunning piece is the exquisite lotus ring, which has a strong and powerful message behind it. The lotus flower, as well as being a stunning symbol in its own right, is also a symbol rebirth and inner peace, so it is perfect for someone who is making a new start, starting a new job, maybe recovering from an illness or a divorce. It is a sign that we can start again, at any time, at any age, and is just a truly stunning and inspirational piece.

My fave pick for the Spring is the daisy ring. Although this is marketed as a ring for a mother to give to her daughter, I think this ring is perfect for anyone who loves wild flowers, who loves the freedom of the countryside, and who loves the spring. It is super pretty with a ring of daisies, and comes with a card with the cutest message (see below.).

This is a really stylish piece that has a boho vibe that will be just perfect for all those Summer festivals that will be taking place in 2022. Team with denim cutoffs and a white cotton blouse and channel that Sienna Miller look from the early millennium for effortless cool.

Chandelier Earrings

So what else should you be looking at in 2022?

From Edie Sedgwick, to Kate Moss and Beyonce, style icons have been showing that nothing looks more glamorous or elegant than an updo and a pair of sweeping chandelier earrings.  Next have some really great examples this season, these range from designers in diamante with a real Hollywood feel, to boho styles that will look brilliant with your cut off jeans come festival season.

Gold Tone Antique Drop Earrings £10 Click to visit Next
Gold Tone Antique Drop Earrings
Silver Tone Jewel Drop Earrings £8 Click to visit Next
Silver Tone Jewel Drop Earrings
Silver Tone Glitter Detail Tassel Earrings £10 Click to visit NEXT
Silver Tone Glitter Detail Tassel Earrings £10

What are your jewellery must haves?

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