Beauty That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

As a nation I genuinely believe that we are getting better when it comes to sustainability and recycling. We try to recycle our glass, cans and plastic, with every home having a recycling bin. We take our own bags when we go shopping in order to avoid plastic carrier bags, stores like the Clean Kilo who avoid excess packaging are growing in popularity and even supermarkets are leaving fruit and some veg out of packaging (most fruits have skin so hardly need to be covered in a bag.) But when it comes to our beauty, we start to falter.

Most of our beauty products come in plastic bottles and tubes. There is also a lot of single use plastics, from sheet masks to cleansing gloves and socks. Face Wipes are both single use and often thrown and flushed down our toilets, causing all sorts of problems. But the good news is that there are companies who are now looking at their packaging and how it can be made more planet friendly.

Nereus is a luxury beauty brand with sustainability at its heart. The company is a plastic-free zone. There’s no plastic used in packaging, materials, or at any step of the manufacturing, logistics, or delivery process. Everything used is recyclable and even their product labels are biodegradable. This does not mean a scrimp on style, their black bottles are 100% Infinitely recyclable BPA free aluminium and are as sleek and elegant as can be and would certainly dress up any bathroom shelf. But they are also planet friendly and certainly suit the ethos of the products, which are formulated to be both vegan and free from paraben, sulphates, and gluten. Their fragrances, which are heady and vibrant are 100% natural and come from ethical sources.

I love Nereus products, their Pink Peppercorn was one of my key picks last Christmas as I just loved everything about the brand and its ethos, but also totally loved the premium products they were delivering, particularly the Pink Peppercorn body wash, which is frankly divine for both men or women.

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