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Beauty Treats From Crown Brushes

When we are looking to give ourselves a little treat, a little pick-me-up, make up and skincare is often an area we look to. Good quality cosmetics are something which help us to look good, so they also make us feel good too, and it is often a cheaper treat than buying a new handbag or a pair of shoes. Beauty lovers are also on the hunt for new brands to try and enjoy, and today I am introducing a brand that was new to me, but one that I have recently fell in love with. This is the range from Crownbrush.

Crownbrush have an emphasis first and foremost on amazing quality make up brushes and tools, which they have Manufactured for the past 35 years. But as well as their brushes, which are a favourite brand with make up artists around the globe, and are supreme tools that can only make your cosmetics look and feel better, they also stock a wide range of cosmetics, make up bags and accessories like false eye lashes that will give you that complete look, whether you love a full glamour face, or barely there natural beauty.

I love Crownbrush, it is such a fabulous brand, and their award winning brushes are the best out there. Here are some of my own personal faves from the brand.


Primer is one of the key products that you will have in your make up bag, as it is perfect not only for wearing under your foundation, but also for improving the look of your skin on none make up days. The High Definition Foundation Primer from Crown Brushes is great in that it is a non-greasy formulation which literally glides onto the skin and soaks in very quickly, giving a sheen that just makes your skin look better and healthier.

I love the fact that the formulation is oil free, and that it contains so many natural products. This could be applied by a brush, but I just use my fingers to blend it in which makes it a quick and easy fix in the mornings when I am on the run. As someone who had begun to suffer from skin dryness, I would totally recommend this product as it leaves the skin feeling super smooth and soft.


This is my miracle concealer, a product that every make up bag needs, particularly if you suffer from dark shadows under the eyes, or the occasional breakout. The CSR5 Sunkissed concealer stick is, as it says, a stick formulation that is best blended in over your foundation in order to create that photo ready skin.

Crownbrush explains its versatility, saying:-

There are many different ways in which our Concealer sticks can be used and Makeup Artists around the world use them to quickly tidy up eyebrows, create a fuller lip effect, make your eyeshadow ‘pop’ to top up your eyeliner and to contour (which is always a firm favourite).

I have to be honest and say for me, it is a life saver for the under eye area, as I often struggle to sleep, leading to quite dark shadows which are very ageing. This neutralises the darkness and then adds a layer of light to help make my eyes pop again. It is also good if you find your skin quite red after washing in the morning, it calms the colour down.


When it comes to eye colour, I like neutral shades – beige, cream, off-white and frosted gold shades, as I feel such light colours make the eyes look clearer and brighter and also help to neutralise those dark shadows. The iced gold shade is gorgeous, it works perfectly for a day or night face and has a lovely shimmering effect that would make it suitable for most skin tones.

Crownbrush has a wide range of colours available in eye shadows, and they are currently on special at just £3, so these are a real bargain to take advantage of.


Of course, you can’t try the products from Crownbrush without actually trying the brushes they are renowned for, and I have to say they are every bit as good as your would expect.

The Angle Blusher Brush is brilliant if you are someone who struggles to apply blusher as it helps to keep it even and natural. The brush feels super soft and looks amazing too , and is a good size to actually blend in your blusher as I find some blusher brushes too big to create a natural glow.

The Pro Oval Shader Brush is a great way of applying eye shadow. I like that it allows you to put a thick sweep of deep colour onto the lid, but also allows you to clean up the eye area. I like that this is a brush, rather than a pad, as some eye make up applicator are, and that the bristles allow you to pick up plenty of colour in order to create the eye that you want – from smokey to a natural look.

If you love your make up, and haven’t tried Crownbrush yet, then what are you waiting for. Fantastic products at affordable prices, this is a range to have on your beauty radar.





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  • Gaylene Childs

    I’m student at tafe using crown products I’m studying beauty services, I would like the gold shimmering eyeshadow plus primer and other things please keep me up to date with exciting new products

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