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Benefits and Employment Allowance – Find out what you are entitled to.

We constantly hear about Benefit Britain, and how the amount of benefits claimed are now a major drain on the country and the economy, but there are actually many people who do not claim a penny of what they are entitled to. For many people, particularly those who were previously entitled to incapacity benefit,  the idea of claiming at all is frightening, from the copious amount of paperwork that you are required to fill in, to just not knowing if you are entitled to anything, and therefore sticking your head in the sand. In addition, for those on low incomes, but still working, the question is always ‘am I really entitled to anything – after all, I do work?’


If you think you might be entitled to some form of  incapacity benefit, or if you are merely trying to find some information on this area, you need to get in contact with the Employment and Support Allowance Team. As you would expect, phone lines to the ESA team are very busy, so you may find yourself on hold or in a queue. One way around this is to call ESA UK contact number provided by Contact Number UK which may see you put through quicker. A good tip is to have your paperwork to hand when you make your call, this will help you progress smoother and quicker and avoid delays during your call – or even the need to call back. Having your questions written down will also help to focus your call and get the information you need – keep a pen and paper to hand to write down any additional numbers, name of the person dealing with your query, and any additional questions.


You can use the ESA line for other issues as well as just finding out if you are able to claim. Late payment queries, changes in circumstances and also looking at ways to return to work can also be discussed with ESA, and will hopefully give you some piece of mind and improve your situation.


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