Best Advice for New Parents

You are ready to have your first baby and you have been organizing all of the baby items to get ready for the arrival. You have been putting the diapers in one area of the nursery, and you have been placing the funniest baby onesies in the drawers, and just been in nesting mode. You are going to be consumed by the thoughts regarding the baby’s care but at the same time, it is important to make room for other concerns as well. This is why you are going to need to listen to sage advice for new parents. 

Babies do not come with instructions and this is why new parents need to listen to those who have experience with raising children as well as pediatricians and psychologists. Below are some of the best advice that new parents need to listen to and to utilize. 

1. Make Time For Yourself Before The Baby Arrives AND After The Arrival

You are busy planning for the big arrival however, it is critical that you spend a lot of time with one another as well because you will not get nearly as much time with each other after the baby comes. You will need to indulge in some ME time as well by reading a book you enjoy or just watching television on your own.  And you don’t need to be experienced in parenting to know this. 

However, at the same time, you are going to need to make sure that you find time to have ME time after the baby is born as well. Even if it is just for 15 minutes at a time. And be sure to square away some time to spend with your significant other as well because this is going to be a challenging time and your relationship needs that more than ever. 

2. Delegate

The last thing you are going to want is to worry about doing the chores, errands, and anything else after the baby is born for the first few weeks. Be sure to make a list of things that your friends and family can do to help. That includes running errands for you, doing the chores, or sending you a gift of having a maid service in the home several times for the first month. Takeout is also high up on the list as well. 

You are going to be busy with tending to the baby, and you will need to find time to sleep in there as well and spend time on your own and with your significant other. That is all your capacity will hold. That means delegate and never be afraid to ask for help, accept the fact that you will need it for a while. 

3. Never Allow Guilt To Consume You

You are going to feel guilty over not being able to do certain things ‘right’ and this is how you will learn that parents are just really winging it and that is it. You will be doing the same, and you will feel guilty but never let it consume you. Remember again that kids do not come with instructions and if you accidentally scratch your baby’s nose while attempting to feed him or her yes the infant will cry and you will feel bad. But you did not hurt your infant and he or she will not even know you did that. Nor, will he or she remember so you don’t need to worry about not being forgiven. 

You are also going to make mistakes such as overfeeding your baby and not knowing the signs that he or she is full. Or you may accidentally overheat the bottle and give your baby hot milk. If your baby gets sick and you are worried you may have passed a slight cold you had, it is not avoidable and again, never feel guilty. Things happen all of the time. Cut yourself plenty of slack!

4. Get A White Noise Machine

The one item that new parents must have is a white noise machine. This will help lul the baby to sleep which is a huge thing for parents. If the baby is overtired and crying a lot, a white noise machine will help get him or her sleepy. In fact, have it in place in the nursery as soon as your little one comes home from the hospital wearing one of those adorable newborn homecoming outfits that you had planned for your baby to wear. 

You can imagine how it is when you think about having a fan running when it is time for you to go to bed. That is the white noise that is making you sleepy. It is the same idea for the newborn. Just know it won’t help the baby sleep longer as the infant will wake up frequently for feedings and diaper changes. But putting the baby to bed will be a lot easier with this handy tool around. 

5. Remember That The Baby Does Not Need Much

If you are trying to find a million accessories for your newborns such as a lot of toys, items to place in the nursery for decorative purposes, or anything else that is causing you to stress out, you need to stop right there. All your baby needs is some clothing, sleepers, blankets, diapers, bottles (and formula if formula feeding), and a safe place to sleep. The toys can wait. The newborn needs your energy and love, but not much other than that. 

Being a new parent is quite stressful because you have literally transformed yourself from being someone who tends to their own needs only to someone who is caring for a new being. That is major. And that is also why it is important to listen to the sage advice out there, as well as to rely on help. The type of advice you will want to listen to are those who are experienced and who really do care for your wellbeing as well as professionals. 

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