Best Convertible Car Seats

You are going to have children, and you have a car. And now you are wondering which car seat would be the safest for your baby while you drive around and travel? Should you go for infant car seats or convertible car seats? Go for convertible car seats as they have numerous benefits which makes them a better choice.  Convertible car seats present both rear-facing and front facing positions and are suitable for children from birth onwards. They can support the child up to 2 years in the rear-facing position. Later on, the seat can be switched to the front-facing position for another year or two making a total of 4. These seats can adjust beautifully to fit your child’s growth. Some of them can be even used as a booster seat for school going children.

Below are the best five convertible car seats available in the market based on customer reviews and safety ratings.

  1.  Britax Marathon Click Tight – One of the safest convertible car seats for families is the Britax click tight car seat. The Britax marathon model is simple to install and has excellent safety rating since the chair comes with two layers of side impact protection and an impact absorbing base that diminishes the force of the collision. Britax’s system depends more on car’s seat belt instead of the vehicles own latch system. Marathon has easy to adjust bands and can be used for kids weighing up to 40 pounds in the rear-facing position. But then, the seat doesn’t have any cup holders. The durable steel frame can recline up to 7 positions. Britax manufactures the model in a variety of colours and patterns. What’s more, the material is easy to clean and is machine washable. The model also has a no-rethread harness which means the shoulder straps can be easily adjusted in seconds. Because of its click and snug indicator, you will always be able to know whether the harness is rightly installed and tightened.
  2. Graco Extend2 Fit – If you wish to keep an older child in the rear-facing position, then this car seat is a better choice as the weight limit is 50 pounds instead of the regular 40. Graco fit can achieve a sufficiently tight installation without much difficulty and is much easier to carry around. On top, the model has a six position recline, ten position headrest and two cup holders which makes travel comfortable for the kiddos. A snug fit can be achieved without much effort. The Graco comes with pull-out footrest for additional legroom when rear facing. Older children can find the feature beneficial.
  3. Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat – A svelte, slim car seat with a width just under 17 inches, this car seat assists families maximise backseat area. Furthermore, your children will be able to sit rear facing longer due to 50-pound weight limit and extra tall seats. Clek fllo is more affordable and more compact. But then, the model can be used only once the baby can sit upright or when you buy an extra baby insert. For additional safety, the model even has an anti-rebound bar.
  4.    Nun Rava Convertible Car Seat – Beautifully designed and packed with features for safety and use, this car seat enables your child to sit in a rear-facing position for a much longer time as the model has a 50-pound limit. The extendable calf rest provides extra space for legroom and installation of the model is also easy.
  5.  Even Flo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat – One of the best budget buys, the tribute LX is an excellent choice as the car seat has a good height and weight range. The model is compact and lightweight, comes with a removable & expandable cup holder, is machine washable and has four shoulder strap positions to adjust to kid’s size. If you fly frequently, then the model is the apt one since it weighs less than 10 pounds when compared to the other car seats. The multiple recline angles can be easily adjusted. Overall, Even Flo tribute is an excellent product for the price.
  6. Once you have you made your choice, always make sure to examine out how well the convertible car seat matches your vehicle. Looks out for any issues which might come up like whether there is legroom left in the front or whether you can quickly adjust the harness position and all from the rear-facing seat. Grant yourself time and understanding and make sure the travel would be comfy for all.

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