Best Dressed: The Best Designer Dress Brands In 2023

There are many essential pieces of women fashion. You need underwear to start with, of course. No wardrobe is complete without a good pair of classic blue jeans; you need a hard-wearing pair of trainers, a crisp white button-down shirt, and a simple blazer to pair it with. Something else that a woman’s wardrobe should never be without is a few gorgeous designer dresses.

Not every woman is hyper-feminine, and that’s completely ok! Even dresses, though they’re considered a symbol of femininity, don’t have to be floral and flouncy if you don’t want them to be. Your designer dress can be along the lines of the simple and androgynous, with minimal bright colors and patterns. They can be ruffle-y and floral if that’s what you prefer. They can be mini, maxi, long-sleeved, tee dresses, or sundresses. When you find the perfect designer dress sale online, you can peruse for as long as it takes to find whatever best suits your style and personality. 

There are some brands that do designer dresses better than any others, and we’ve curated a stunning selection of them for you to look through. Somewhere in one of these brands’ extensive offerings lies a designer dress that was made for you! 

Image by Polina Tankilevitch via Pexels

Ted Baker

Ted Baker represents British high-street fashion at its best. Founded in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1988, Ted Baker was initially a brand that only catered to men. It was only in 1995 that the brand launched its first line of women’s garments (including dresses), and since then, they have been a go-to brand for designer dresses as well as many other men’s and women’s styles. The brand has over 500 stores worldwide, so chances are that there’s a Ted Baker near you if you prefer to shop in person.

Who is Ted? Well, Ted is actually Ray Kelvin, who decided to name his brand not after himself but rather after his self-made alter ego. “Ted” is an adventurer, an intrepid aviator, and a sportsman who is a gentleman of the highest order and consorts with Hollywood starlets and fresh-faced princesses.

Our favorite dresses:

  • The Galinaa Rhubarb Strap Detail Bodycon Dress in red
  • The Izziiy Papyrus Pleated Mini Dress in black

Image by Cottonbro Studio via Pexels


As Seen On Screen, better known worldwide as ASOS, is a giant in the fashion industry. Back in 1991, two ordinary Britons came up with the idea of creating a brand that would mimic the hottest Hollywood styles that the average Joe just could not afford to own. Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson birthed the brand that year, but they could have had no way of knowing that it would grow into the global fashion phenomenon that it is today. In 2001 the name was officially shortened to ASOS, and by 2010 the brand had a well-established online presence and was offering an enormous range of all kinds of men’s and women’s clothing. The brand went on to open physical stores all over the world and now ships to almost every country on the planet.

Our favorite dresses:

  • Button Through Mini Cutwork Dress in Paisley Floral Print-Multi
  • Curve Puff Sleeve Gathered Front Maxi Dress in Abstract Print-Multi


This easily recognizable brand has been with us since the 1960s, making it a historic British brand. Originally started as an offshoot of the Peter Robinson department store, TopShop showcased young and hip designers like Mary Quant (who gave us the mini skirt) and Stirling Cooper. TopShop was officially born in 1964 as Peter Robinson’s Top Shop, and, the same way it does today, it was aimed at a young generation who wanted fresh and exciting looks. In 1973, TopShop was given new life when it split from the Peter Robinson brand and headed off on its own to make faves in the fashion industry. Only two years on, TopShop had fifty-five standalone branches, and by 1978 TopShop brought in a third of their owner’s profits.

Our favourite dresses:

  • The Premium Embellished Lilac Splodge Midi Dress in Blue Lilac
  • The Contrast Black Side Tab Midi Dress in Green



If you love luxury and looking like a million bucks at all times, Goddiva is the brand for you. Since 2009, Goddiva has been bringing glam to the masses. Their ethos is shaped around the idea that red-carpet-worthy looks should be available at a reasonable price to anyone who wants to wear them, not only A-list celebrities! Like ASOS, Goddiva aims to bring Hollywood looks to the high street without breaking the bank. They cater to every body, shape and age and aim to be as inclusive as possible because everyone deserves to look and feel wonderful. Their thriving online community helps their customers showcase their looks and get ideas for styling.

Our favourite dresses:

  • The Naked Sheer Sequin Bodycon Midi Dress in Champagne
  • The Feather Pleated Off The Shoulder Evening Dress in Black


These brands bring the best, most luxurious looks to you at reasonable price points. They are your door into the world of Hollywood quality looks at less than Hollywood costs. Where will you be shopping first?

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