Best Places To Enjoy The Legendary Mykonos Nightlife

Even the rocks on this planet know that Mykonos and a vibrant (huge understatement!)  nightlife go hand-in-hand. Actually, Mykonos is probably the first destination that pops in mind when considering luxury vacations in the Mediterranean with a great cosmopolitan vibe, utmost luxury, celeb-favoured sugary shores, and night-long parties. 

Truth be told, Mykonos is such a multi-faced Greek island that it can offer many different versions of the same thing! This applies to its party scene, which means that depending on how you want to party (night-long, more chilled, using champagne to shower with, etc.), the Island of the Winds has a dreamy place to suit your needs like a glove. 

Here is a quick overview of the most popular and beloved party regions in Mykonos, so you know where to start. Chances are you’ll be discovering many more party meccas along the way! 

Mykonos Town – Lively, Playful, and Elegant 

The Mykonos capital, Mykonos town or Chora, is the pulsing heart of the island, with excellent entertainment options. From beachfront cafes, bars, and restaurants to upbeat nightclubs, it has it all in impressive numbers. 

Feel free to take a leisure walk along its cobbled alleys and you’ll find numerous clubs and bars next to beautiful whitewashed houses. Mykonos Town also pleases with many shops, including designed boutiques, fine dining restaurants, and even a few museums for those that want a short break from their night-long activities! Needless to say, some of the most elegant and stylish villas with heart-stopping seascapes are right here, offering privacy amidst the craziness of the bustling capital. 

Tip: The most active place in the Chora is its historical centre, which makes it a superb starting point for your after-dark ventures. 

Paradise Beach – Where partying takes on a different meaning 

Back in the 1960s, Paradise Beach inspired the Greek elite in such a profound way that it was gradually turned into a celeb getaway place and shortly after, the favourite destination of the international jet set. The most famous people of the world would visit Paradise Beach for their fun escapades away from the musts of their time, and party like no tomorrow. 

Paradise Beach holds on to this tradition and is still the spot you need to head to for parties that never stop – from day to night and throughout the night till the next party the following morning! 

Paradise Beach occupies a prestigious location on the southern coast of Mykonos and even pampers with a sandy shore, crystalline waters, idyllic sunset views, and exclusive accommodation perched a bit further from the party beach to ensure some peaceful moments when you are not having a blast. 

Super Paradise – The Most Epic Parties You Could Join 

Besides being an absolutely mind-blowing beach on the southern part of the island, Super Paradise is where the most legendary parties are thrown. Hosting international Djs, a fantastic setting, and countless festivals and events, Super Paradise draws party-goers and fun-seekers like bees to honey. In other words, Super Paradise Beach might be a close relative to Paradise Beach, when it comes to partying and enjoying life, but Super Paradise is the craziest one in the family! 

While dipping your toes in the fine sand of Super Paradise Beach or dancing to the tunes of renowned DJs, don’t be surprised if you rub shoulders with a-lists, Hollywood stars, world-famous athletes, or even blue-bloods! They totally love it here. Perhaps, it is also because the mansions and villas around this area have by far surpassed the definition of luxury

Bottom Line 

Mykonos can turn into an endless party land if drenching your molecules with unforgettable moments is what you want to soak up from your Mykonos holidays. And, although there are some distinct regions that provide entertainment in slightly higher levels than others, you can enjoy Mykonos’ Greek island lifestyle and appeal anywhere, anytime – even in the garden or party-perfect outdoor space of your chic hilltop or beachfront estate! 


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