Best Valentine Gifts For Coffee Lovers In 2021!

When Valentine’s day is fast approaching, it can be hard to find a gift that is actually useful. Sure, you could just say it with flowers, but that’s a little bit of a cliche, and not everyone wants a gift that is only going to last a few days. If you want something more significant, that will last longer, a coffee-based gift could be ideal for someone in your life that loves their barista-style beverages.

Below, we list some of the ultimate valentine’s day gifts for your partner (assuming they love coffee)

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Coffee Itself

This is a simple gift, but one that a coffee lover will get so much out of. You can go one of two ways here, you either buy them a coffee that they love, and that you know they will appreciate, or give them something new to try. A coffee tasting gift box is a great way to try out a few different beverages from different origins around the world, so it creates a little more excitement.

A great way to make someone feel special on valentine’s day is to get them something they wouldn’t ordinarily buy. This might come in the form of some speciality coffee like Jamaica’s famous “Blue Mountain”.

A Coffee Machine (Or Coffee Maker)

This is a great gift for any budget. Coffee machines can be suitable for pretty much any budget, whether you buy an expensive, barista-style coffee maker, or you go for a simple coffee dripper to make a single cup of coffee at a time.

This is a thoughtful gift, but think about the equipment they already have. There’s no point in buying someone a £20 dripper if they already have a £300 coffee machine. There are so many different varieties, from pod-based coffee makers to drippers and even barista-style machines.

A Personalised Mug

This is another way to give a loved one a gift that they will use on a daily basis. Personalized mugs make a good gift to remind someone how much you love them and how often you think of them. They can take their mug to work or just use it every day for the morning coffee.

Personalisation has become much easier and lots of online printing services will let you print messages and even upload your own images to make it more personal.

A mug is a good gift to go alongside other gifts, so you could always get the coffee to go with it. Travel mugs are also a good option, as people are encouraged to take these to coffee shops to avoid waste. This is a responsible gift too, which can help you to be friends with the environment. 

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A Book About Coffee

If your partner is really enthusiastic, why not give them the opportunity to learn more about coffee? It is actually a very interesting industry, and the farming and processing might be something that interests your significant other. 

There are even books about the cultural and economic impact of coffee (which has been huge). We recommend Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How it Transformed our World as a fascinating starting point.

Books can also give the opportunity to learn about different varieties and their taste, and the “bean belt” making up most of the locations where coffee is grown. This can help you to choose coffee you love every time when you’re buying it from the store.

Okay, so it might not be the most romantic of gifts but it is better to get your partner something they are actually interested in rather than the same old flowers.

Coffee-Infused Alcohol

You normally can’t go wrong with alcohol as a gift. There are some really interesting coffee-based drinks out there from breweries and distillers. Many people know about coffee spirits or coffee porters but there are some interesting varieties. Cold-brew Martinis, coffee-infused rum, and cream liqueurs are all available. 

There are even some coffee drinks that you might not have considered, such as “non-alcoholic spirits” that have a coffee and alcohol taste, and you can even drink it guilt-free on a work night.

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Get Creative

There are so many other gifts you can find for your loved one on valentines day. If they’re into coffee, this is a superb starting point.

You can find functional gifts such as vacuum sealers or even storage for your coffee such as an airtight container to keep coffee fresh all the time.

There are other personalised gifts that you can find such as a personalised coffee scoop for transferring coffee into your cafetiere.


You know your partner better than anyone, and if you know that they love their hit of caffeine in the morning then a coffee gift could be ideal. 

The coffee and tea industry in the UK is worth more than £2billion a year, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding plenty of gift options whether you want to buy some speciality beans or a personalised mug.

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    Thank you for the interesting article. For me, the most flexible gift would be the coffee tasting gift box. Would suit everyone’ needs and the price is not such high.

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