Birds Eye – Getting into the mealtime routine

The school holidays are an amazing , fun time, but they are also the time when all routines seem to fly out of the window. Children get up later, go to bed later, and seem to eat at different times, snacking in between meals on ice creams, crisps, biscuits and all manner of things.

Our school holiday was full of chances to eat out, including a couple of weeks away on holiday. There were also picnics in the park to make the most of the lovely weather and late night snacks after full days out. Basically, the old mealtime routine was nowhere to be seen. But now school is back, and I can safely say that after a month in the classroom, we are now finally getting back to normal.

Holiday meal times


A party.


A barbecue


A picnic in the park.


Lunch at Cadbury World

Frozen food specialists Birds Eye understand that meal times can sometimes be stressful. So, this September it has provided busy families with a helping hand that ensures, in their own words, “clean plates and happy kids”. Visit Birds Eye to see inspirational videos (Click here to view), with mini #Afterschoolchefs showing off 6 recipes perfect for a tasty teatime parents and kids will both love.

I find that Birds Eye make tea times much simpler, as Joe really loves so many of their products. At the moment, his current favourites are #Mashtags and the chicken space shapes, which are breaded shapes made from 100% chicken. I find these are quick to prepare, and Joe loves them together, with some vegetables and gravy. I let Joe choose what he would like to eat, letting him check the freezer himself, and then I tell him how long he has to watch TV before food is ready. This makes it all quite stress free and organised.


Birds Eye is fabulous for the sorts of food that children love, like fish fingers (both Cod and Haddock varieties), breaded and battered fish, chicken dippers and nuggets, and all varieties of burgers. As most of these can be grilled, they are healthier options, and the 100% meat is a real selling point. But Birds Eye is not just about ‘kids food’. As a family, we sometimes struggle to eat together, with hubby working irregular hours as a carpenter. Any issue on the job, or heavy traffic on the way home, can lead to mealtime delays, so food that is hot, but can be prepared quickly is always a bonus. The funny thing is that hubby loves Joe’s current fave options too, but likes the #Mashtags and Chicken shapes in a crusty baguette with lettuce and mayonaise. He also loves the inspirations range, with cheese and ham being a real fave. These are great with salad jacket potatoes, for a real tasty tea-time treat.


Birds Eye are a real friend for moms who want to provide nutritious food without hours of preparation.


*This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook Page (click here to visit).




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