Blogger Outreach – Why It’s A Win-Win Situation

It is hard now to think of a world without blogs and bloggers. And yet eight years ago, when I first started blogging, I constantly had to explain to people what it was that I did, I was even invited onto local radio in order to explain and discuss what blogging was. In Birmingham, there was just a handful of bloggers, no events, no outreach from brands and PRs, and, quite frankly, not a lot going on. How things change.

Today blogging is big business, and a way for talented writers to get their work into a public forum, with paid blogging also a viable way of making a living. It is also a viable way to business and brands to get their product and message out there without the need for a mass market and costly ad campaign. With a few exceptions, blogger outreach, where brands reach out and work with bloggers, can be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Here are just some of the reasons why, when done properly, blogger outreach services really work.

For the Company

You can reach your target market.

If you choose your bloggers carefully, and look at their demographics and market, you can reach your targeted market pretty easily. You can look in terms of sex, age group, location – most bloggers can give you this kind of information from their analytics and this means that promotion is both targeted and relevant.

But you can also reach new markets too

You may already have and know your target market, but maybe your new product or brand is actually for a new younger (or older) audience. You need promotion that will introduce the new line to this audience, maybe working with mommy bloggers, or plus 40 bloggers would be the right way to get to this audience through voices they already know and follow.

Bloggers are cheaper and are instant

A glossy campaign in one of the glossy magazines may look nice, but it also costs a pretty packet, a TV campaign even more. If you are at the start of your journey you may not have the budget for this sort of campaign, but you may have a budget that allows you to work with bloggers – this work can then be shared on social media in order to offer further promotion.

In addition, bloggers can often produce their work far quicker than having to wait for a monthly magazine to appear on newstands, a real bonus for PRs who are on a deadline.

And for bloggers…

But the plus points are not just for the brand and businesses. Bloggers need content to keep their blogs going, but also need to earn a living, so brand partnerships, particularly longer term ones that require more than one post, are really valuable.

Good partnerships with reputable brands can give a blog a kind of legitimacy that can then be used as a currency that leads to more partnerships and work, enabling a blog to build and grow. This can also lead to tenancies in terms of ad space, or blog ambassadorship for a brand or product. Ultimately, working with brands can keep your blog healthy and profitable, which has to be what you are aiming for.


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