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There are many reasons why you may be writing a blog. It could be personal, your blog may simply be a hobby, or a way of expressing yourself and you may just blog for enjoyment. It could be that your blog started as a hobby, but has now turned into your livelihood, or at least another way to add to your monthly income. Or it may be that you have your own business, and your blog is an accompaniment to this, a way to promote and celebrate your business achievements and your product. Whatever the reason for your blog, in order to get your content, message or business out there, you need to effectively promote.

If you are blogging to promote a business or investment, then you may well decide to seek professional social media management for small businesses as this can ensure that your posts are reaching the right audience at the right time, and can carefully market your content. However, if your blog is a stand alone labour of love, you may not want to spend too much of your income on promoting your work. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do in order to promote your work that don’t cost too much money, and can be effective.

Here are some content marketing tips that anyone can use for their blog, no matter how big or small.


For many, Twitter is the number one way to promote blog posts for a number of reasons. The first is that it is free, and you can tweet your posts as many times as you want to, as long as you change the wording so the post is not repetitive.

Tweets can reach a wide audience once you build up your following, but in the meantime, you can help them reach a bigger audience by tagging in companies and people that you blog about, they may well retweet you so you then reach their audience. You can also take part in promotional hours like ‘Brum Hour’ which takes place every Sunday evening between 8-9pm and is a way of sharing your story and a few key posts of the week. This sort of promotional hour is particularly good if you have a lifestyle blog because you promote a varied range of topic.

If you are using Twitter, don’t forget that Tweetdeck is great if you are going to be away for a few days as you can schedule tweets. There are also plugins that can recycle old posts, I find these are often retweeted once again by companies involved, and can introduce old content to a new audience.


Instagram is a great way of promoting product reviews as you can use your great photography and build up a like minded audience. Make sure your blog link is included in your bio (although I do believe you can now add links to your insta posts.) Instagram is very popular with those who have a parenting blog, as it is, as it’s name suggests, an instant way of sharing those magic moments. Fashion bloggers also often favour Instagram, showing their shopping sprees through the new Instagram stories.


It is still a good tool to have a Facebook page for your blog, it allows you to set up albums for extra photographs that you have not used on your blog, is a way to promote your posts in more detail than you can on Twitter, and also helps you reach the Facebook addicts that are not so keen on the other form of social media.

In addition, there are lots of Facebook groups that are perfect for bloggers to join in order to share and promote blog posts. These can range from specific groups for those who write a certain type of blog – i.e a page for those with a wedding blog, to general blog groups which encourage post sharing and can introduce your blog to other bloggers.


Pinterest is a really good way to share your blog posts that works very well if you have good photography. Choose a key image that illustrates what your blog post is all about, and then add information to entice the pinner to come and read the full article.

Pinterest is a taster for your blog, but with thousands of visitors pinning every single day, it is worthwhile to create some pin worthy images for your blog, and to make sure that your readers are able to pin your images too. This could win you a whole new audience of blog visitors, making your visibility on the internet so much clearer.

How do you promote your blog posts?


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