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Blonde Hair treats from John Freida

Your hair is often described as your crowning glory, but in reality, it can often be the bane of your life. My hair is long and blonde, so far, so good. But it is super fine and flyaway, and the blonde is a dull, dirty dishwater blonde rather than a glorious Daryl Hannah in Splash mermaid shade. But, as I have been stating in quite a few posts recently, nature sometimes needs a helping hand, and the John Frieda Sheer Blonde range of products does just that.

The John Frieda Sheer blonde range promises to do a range of jobs for your hair. As well as the usual washing and conditioning, and shampoo and conditioner also claim to lighten your hair, gradually giving you a sunkissed blonde look. As my hair had been looking a little dull lately, I was happy to try out the range, and have to say I love it, and will be using it again and again, especially as it is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged, to use the products daily – something I have to do due to the oiliness of my hair.

Sheer Blonde Lightening Shampoo and Lightening Conditioner

The first thing you notice about these products is that they smell incredible – it has been infused with Citrus and Chamomile and this creates a beautiful fresh scent. There is no need to do anything special, you just wash your hair in the normal way, working the shampoo through, and then rinse off. My hair did feel so soft afterwards, and looked silky too, especially as I combined this daily with the conditioner, something I don’t always do as I wash my hair so often.

The lightening is a gradual thing, but after a week of washing I could tell that my hair was getting lighter, and I loved the fact that despite the fact that I was washing my hair most days, it continued to feel soft. (Sometimes the washing can leave the ends very dry). Having the two products has also encouraged me to condition my hair more regularly.

Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Oil Elixir

As well as lightening and maintaining your colour, the John Frieda range also has products that will mend and strengthen your hair. The Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Oil Elixir is a very easy product to use, you simply work through the length of your hair when it is damp and then blow dry as usual. I was a little concerned about using an oil based product on oily hair, but was happy that this did not leave any residue or make my washed hair feel more oily.

The scent has that fresh out of the salon fragrance, and the pump action bottle allows you to use just as much as you need without waste.  This is a real treat for your hair, living it shiny and healthy looking, and is a good treatment for brittle and damaged hair.

Have you ever tried the John Frieda Sheer Blonde products?

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