Bodhi – Luxurious Scent and oh so soft skin!

One of the best things about attending fashion events are the goodie bags you are often presented with at the end of the  evening. These are often made up with wine and champagne, chocolates and candles, but sometimes they contain a fabulous bath and beauty treat. At the recent  Harvey Nichols/Markus  Lupfer event, I was lucky enough to  be presented with some bath and shower goodies from Bodhi, the new masters of botanical therapies.

For those of you not familiar with the brand, Bodhi is a brand that was born three years ago to create a range of bathtime products that use natural ingredients, that look after the skin whilst also avoiding doing damage to the environment. Bodhi means “enlightenment”. Directly translated, it is “to awaken” or “to understand”.  Bodhi clearly understands that in our modern age we need more than just quick  fixes, we need products that help us to maintain healthy body and skin in order to maintain a youthful outlook in our lives. There products are a real pampering treat that definitely go some way to helping us achieve this. They smell divine and leave skin feeling revitalised,healthy and oh so soft!

Bodhi’s bath and shower products each have key natural properties that help with an area of well-being. Jasmine Falls is relaxing, Ylang Ylang Incensa is sensual, Palmarosa Verde is purifying, Mint The is refreshing, Rosemary Chi is refreshing, and Pep Noir is energizing. But I think the fragrances can be summed up as morning and evening fragrances.

Mint The, Palmarosa Verde and Rosemary Chi are perfect for that early morning wake-up call. They  have fresh and revitalising fragrances that are great for early morning cool showers on hot days. Mint the has that tingling sensation that just felt great when I spent a hot day at the beach recently. The fragrances have a unisex feel, and my husband enjoyed using them just as much as I did.

Jasmine Falls and Ylang Ylang Incensa are definitely fragrances when for the lights go down. Both are infused with fragrant essential oils which are reminiscent of the heady scents of flowers from the Far East. The heavenly scents linger on the skin long after your bath  and shower, and the silky oils leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Ylang Ylang Incensa, my favourite scent,is the bath oil I would recommend if they are going to share a sensuous bath with a loved one.

Bodhi products smell amazing and are a real bathtime treat that can be enjoyed by both sexes and look amazingly stylish on any bathroom shelf. Neat and simple packaging shows further commitment to looking after the environment. Bodhi is now on my must have list of beautiful and ethical bathtime treats.

For more information about Bodhi, visit their website at

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