Bonfanti – An Italian Brand Celebrating The Best Of British

When it comes to choosing a bag, what criteria do you use? Do you go for strictly fashion, choosing something from the High Street that you might use for the season, and then abandon and go onto something else? Or do you opt for style, looking for a bag of good quality with a classic look that you will be able to choose year and year without looking dated? If the answer is the later, than you need to check out the Bonfanti collection at Attavanti.

Bonfanti started life in Italy in 1945, and is now a worldwide name, a name that is synonymous with quality and luxury. One of the things that make the brand so special and unique is that although the brand is Italian through and through, it marries leather with prints and fabrics that are uniquely British.

One of my favourite ranges uses iconic Liberty prints and designs. The prints used are amongst the most famous of the famous London brand including ‘strawberry thief’,  ‘Betsy’ and ‘Liberty Lodden’. The bags come in a range of sizes, from small tote grab bags perfect for every day use, larger totes that make great shoppers, and a brilliant weekend bag which would also work well as hand luggage. Each design combines the print with luxurious leather trims and handles.

Bonfanti Leather and Liberty Print Weekend Cabin Bag – Strawberry Thief £285 Click to visit Attavanti

Bonfanti Leather and Liberty Lodden Tote Shopper Handbag – Blue
£109.00 Click to visit Attavanti

Bonfanti Liberty Betsy Grab Tote Shoulder Handbag – Blue
£149.00 Click to visit Attavanti

If the Liberty print bags are shouting out to Spring, then another Bonfanti collaboration would be perfect to match to your winter coats and boots. As well as using lovely printed cotton, Bonfanti uses Harris Tweed for a range of bags. This glorious heritage fabric looks brilliant when used on hobo bags and wash bags, creating items that are super stylish and classic all at once.

My own personal favourite is the ‘Edward’ herringbone tweed that just screams Stella Tennant and Vogue country style. I love the idea of using this tweed with jeans and a simple sweater, bringing a heritage look bang up to date.

Bonfanti Leather and Harris Tweed Hobo Handbag – Herringbone
£209.00 Click to visit Attavanti

Bonfanti Designer Harris Tweed Large Shoulder Bag – Tartan
£209.00 Click to visit Attavanti

Do you like heritage prints?

11 thoughts on “Bonfanti – An Italian Brand Celebrating The Best Of British

  1. i love the very cute patterns! and it is actually a great idea for Italian brands to start collaborating! my fave is the blue Betsy bag, it makes me think of spring!

  2. I love all of these gorgeous handbags! The designs and patterns on them are just lovely. 🙂

  3. These bags are just gorgeous. I have never heard of Bofanti before but they make some beautiful bags!

  4. I had not heard of the Bonfanti brand. I do love that Liberty Betsy Grab Tote Shoulder Handbag. It is super cute!

  5. I had never heard of Bonfanti before but I LOVE the Harris Tweed Hobo Handbag! It’s adorable I think it would go with nearly everything I own!

  6. The phrase “flower power” comes to mind when I look at these beautiful bags. These bags remind me of Spring. However, I love the Bonfanti Designer Harris Tweed Large Shoulder Bag – Tartan best of all because it of its warm colors

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