Brazilian Hair Removal Via Lasers

Hair removal is a process that is becoming increasingly popular with people, not just with the ones having an active outdoor lifestyle, but also with those who stay at home. The reasons may vary but primarily, the silky-smooth feeling of the skin without pesky unwanted hair stands out as the top cause for people opting to go for hair removal processes. The areas of the body might differ as per preference, with most opting for legs, hands and most other areas that are often exposed in casual or business attire. Brazilian laser hair removal cost is a term mostly searched by those who require hair removal done near their private parts. It could be models wanting to flaunt their toned physique or people just irritated by excessive hair growth in their nether regions.

Hair growth, just like hair loss, is a result of many different factors. While diet, lifestyle and medications impact these conditions in a more passive way, hormonal changes cause hair growth or hair loss in a more active and aggressive way. People in hotter and more humid climates tend to have thicker and darker hair, owing to their physiology being that way. But people in colder and drier climates can have a rather dense growth of hair that might feel awkward at times. In most of the cases, people resort to waxing, trimming or shaving to get rid of unwanted hair. The only problem with such methods is that hair growth isn’t impeded, and the hair grows back, sometimes even thicker and in a more stunted way that can cause discomfort.

Through laser hair removal, a concentrated beam of light (cosmetic laser) is used to target regions of the body having unwanted hair and destroy the hair from the roots or follicles. In this method, the laser heats up the hair strand, passing on the heat to the root and destroying the cell by the use of very high temperatures. The process might sound painful, but for most people, the pain is equivalent to that of having an elastic band snapped across your skin. The laser is fired in short pulses, targeting small spots for a very brief period of time. The laser is configured by your dermatologist to match your skin tone and sensitivity so that you don’t suffer unnecessary discomfort. Yes, your skin will be reddened or may stay a bit irritable for a short period, but that’s nowhere as painful as getting the sensitive skin around your private parts being waxed.

Additionally, since the treatment targets hair follicles and destroys them completely, the chances of hair growing back are considerably lessened. Of course, you might have to repeat the sessions a few times in order to get the desired 90% hair removal results and finer vellum hair will not be removed, but for all effects and purposes, hair removal will be a success that stays for a much longer period than conventional waxing, sugaring, shaving or trimming. 

Your dermatologist might ask you to follow certain skincare regimen before and after the procedure. It is wise to follow the same and avoid harsh chemicals on your skin until at least 48 hours after the treatment.