BRB2 Carlos Acosta’s Classic Selection

Birmingham Royal Ballet tried something new and exciting this afternoon in a new venue, as the BRB2 – Carlos Acosta’s selection entertained a packed house at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. This venture was a chance to see some new, fresh dancers just starting what should be illustrious careers, in a glorious showcase featuring some much loved dances, with a few very special guests offering their support, including Celine Gittens and Ryan Felix. The whole feel of this show was a brilliant introduction to ballet for those attending for the very first time, and a real treat for everyone else too.

The showcase started cleverly showing the dancers warming up at the barre, before we were entertained by the actual dances. We started with the beautiful, romantic Rhapsody from Frederick Ashton, danced to perfection by Mailene Katoch and Enrique Berajano Vidal, guesting from the Birmingham Royal Ballet. We also saw the delightful La Sylphide, and a stunning duo if dances from Swan Lake, including a stand out guest performance from the incredible Celine Gittens, teamed with Oscar Kempsey-Fagg. The first half was rounded up by another delightful pas de deux, this time from Diana and Actaeon.

The second half was a real change in tempo, starting with the wonderful End of Time, danced by newcomers Mailene Katoch and Mason King, and then we were transported to ‘Buenos Aires’ for the tango drenched dance of the same name. Edith Piaf’s ‘Je ne regrette rien’ was brought vividly to life by the stunning Freida Kaden, whilst Ryan Felix added charm and humour to Jacques Brel’s ‘Les Bourgeois’. The show was rounded up by a brand new, and very sensual pas de deux from Carmen, the exquisite Nisi Dominus, performed beautifully by Frieda Kaden as the tiny ballerina from a jewellery box, and the exhilarating Spanish/Cuban flavoured Majisimo performed by a group of eight dancers.

The whole feel of this showcase was a freshness and vibrancy that clearly enchanted the audience, and showed the full range of dance and styles that go to make up the genre of ballet. This may be the start of BRB2, but I truly hope this is not the last we see of this innovative idea.

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