Breakfast At The Ivy Birmingham

There are some invites that you say yes to. There are some that you politely refuse. And there are some that you receive, scream, and jump up and down shouting yes, yes, yes over and over again. An invitation to breakfast at newly opened The Ivy restaurant in Birmingham is just one of those invites. And that is where a beautiful Saturday morning took me last week.

The Ivy is one of London’s most iconic and stylish restaurants, and its Birmingham incarnation is destined to be the same. It opened last week in the former Louis Vuitton building on Temple Row and is definitely the new place to see and be seen in the second city. A mixture of Art Deco and Art Nouveau style, the restaurant is absolutely stunning, a vibrant, colourful space spread over three floors, with a private dining room on the top floor.

We were treated to breakfast in the private dining room, The Archer Room, a room festooned with beautiful vintage prints and artwork that celebrates the best of Birmingham’s industry and achievements.  The room is dominated by a long table that can seat 20 people, and was laid out in exquisite style for the breakfast, complete with silver tableware and fresh flowers, all creating a bright and beautiful space.

The breakfast menu is deliciously balanced and varied, catering for those who enjoy both sweet and savoury options. The Beet It juice was deliciously refreshing, with a surprising hit of ginger giving you a great morning kick. The pastries were as soft and tasty as you would expect, I loved the chocolate twist which was just the right side of sweet and complemented the very good coffee perfectly. In terms of breakfast mains, I opted for the buttermilk pancakes (totally sweet tooth time). These proved to be a fine choice – not too sweet because of the use of yoghurt rather than cream. The sweetness was added by a succulent strawberry sauce, and the dish looked just beautiful in it;s presentation with the addition of the berries. The dish was also surprisingly filling with three decent sized pancakes.

The whole dining experience was relaxed and yet decadent, this is the perfect place for a breakfast/brunch with the girlfriends before a mornings shopping, although you may find it hard to actually leave the place, it is just so beautiful.

For bookings and more information, visit The Ivy website here.

17 thoughts on “Breakfast At The Ivy Birmingham

  1. This looks like such a fancy place. The food looks so delicious and so fancy.

  2. You’re right, this place does look beautiful! It sounds like you had a great time there. You described your experience perfectly. I’d love to visit here someday!

  3. Wow, this restaurant reminds me of something I’d see in Manhattan! I’d love to try a restaurant like that!

  4. This place looks so lovely! What a great way to start the day. Always going out for family dinner who knows a family breakfast is a better idea!

  5. I would be jumping up and down, too! It all looks delightful! You had my mouth watering throughout the read!

  6. I would love to try the buttermilk pancakes! They look gorgeous and so delicious, the presentation is spot on! I will definitely add this restaurant for my list for next time I am in Birmingham.

  7. The pancakes really do look delicious, and I love all of the pastries there. I also love the look of the Eggs Benedict, if that’s what it is. It all looks delicious and fun.

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