#BronnleyBrighterDays Beautiful Products To Brighten Your Day

When it comes to toiletries, I love a good heritage brand. One that has stood the test of time and has a story, a provenance. And, if that brand also happens to be a British classic, then so much the better. That is all definitely true of Bronnley, who have been making fine soaps and toiletries since they were established in London in 1884, and continue to go from strength to strength with a range of products that are both good for the skin and smell divine.

Bronnley products offer that little touch of luxury that we all need as a treat during our current troubled times, but they are also products that can be used over and over again without drying out our skin. The high PH of their bar soaps help to keep the skin clean, not just of dirt, but also of bacteria and viruses, so they are a useful addition to your bathroom.

But it is not just about how they clean they are, their products also look pretty amazing too, making them a lovely gift idea to send to a loved one who you are not able to see at the moment. The packaging is very much about the floral/botanical wild, taking cues from flowers and nature, with their soaps in particular beautifully wrapped inside glorious gift boxes.

There are many reasons why you should take your cues from Bronnley’s  #BronnleyBrighterDays hashtag. At the moment we are washing our hands more than ever, and our skin is suffering from this. Beautiful quality soaps that look and smell great make this task more pleasurable, and you can add to this by also adding a hand care gift set like the Lemon and Neroli indulgent set featured below which is currently reduced to £12.60 from £18 so is a real bargain.

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