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The global situation which has affected everyone in the world of business and finance due to Covid 19 has seen people making real changes in their work lives and careers. For many people, the employment and working career that was enjoyed before 2020 is gone forever. Working environments have changed completely with many of us now working from home and meeting with colleagues online only through zoom meetings, which has resulted in many of us finding it hard to get motivated in the way we did when we traveled into the office.

Yet for some people, there has been a more positive effect; they are finally looking at taking that step into business ownership – a step which may have avoided due to being comfortable in their position or not feeling the need to be ambitious and focused. Lockdown has given people time and space to think about what they really want out of their work and this has made them realize that they could strike out on their own in business. For new entrepreneurs looking for inspiration, they only need to look to Dan Lok to understand that hard work, a clear focus, and having an extended social media reach can all help you develop your business dream.

Dan Lok, known as “The King of Closing”, is a modern phenomenon. As a business magnate, global educator, and founder & chairman the world’s #1 virtual closers network, Dan Lok is proof of the power that Internet and social media play in expanding a business and in growing a brand. In our modern world, the internet makes the world smaller, creating a truly global marketplace where clients are never more than a click away.

Dan Lok has truly harnessed the power of social media. First, there is YouTube, where his motivational and business videos are free for all budding entrepreneurs to watch. These videos could prove to be very useful if you are looking for information, particularly on ‘closing the deal’. These videos are super popular already, with more than 1 million subscribers, so you will be in good company watching these. They could certainly help you feel less alone as you tackle a new area of business. You can also find similar motivational and business videos on Dan Lok’s Instagram (1.9m viewers and growing daily) where you can both watch videos, and enjoy encouraging mantras that may just be the pick-me-up you need on any given day as you start a new venture.

Also worth listening to is The Dan Lok Show on iTunes. As the host of this podcast, Dan has interviewed many of today’s top CEOs, business leaders, millionaires, and billionaires to uncover the secrets behind their own successful rises to the pinnacle of business.

If you are currently in a business rut or have decided that 2021 is the year for you to make that break and start out alone, Dan Lok’s examples and business knowledge is definitely a great starting place, and its one where you should be able to find answers to your myriad of questions. You may also find the motivation you need to venture out to begin your own business.

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