Buy Now & Pay Later with a Choice of Online Catalogues

With Spring just around the corner, what gift choices are good right now? For many, it makes sense to spread out the payments. Though you must tread carefully and choose from known catalogues and brands using the advice given here.

Before hitting Google for results on Online Catalogues 2020, do have a browse of this article to keep abreast of the better catalogues to choose from.

Catalogue shopping is extremely popular and if you wade through with care, the best deals will open up to you.

Understanding Catalogue Credit

Catalogue credit is a unique way to make purchases. It offers flexibility when it comes to paying for your goods. Catalogues allow you to make regular weekly or monthly instalments for your purchases.

When you shop from a catalogue, you often buy through an agent. This person will earn a commission on the purchase. It’s also possible to get your own catalogue. There are shopping accounts available for just about everything.

Well-Known Catalogues

If you’re new to catalogue shopping, you may want to shop with some of the well-known companies. Here are some of the most popular:

  • BrightHouse
  • Fashion World
  • Hughes
  • Jacamo
  • JD Williams
  • La Redoute
  • Littlewoods
  • Perfect Home
  • Studio
  • Very

How it Works

The main allure of catalogue shopping is being able to buy now and pay later. Most catalogues offer credit to consumers. This lets you make a purchase and pay it off in instalments. You may be offered an interest-free grace period to repay, but if you miss a repayment or don’t pay it off in time, interest may be added. Always read the terms before catalogue shopping.

All the Costs

The cost of catalogue credit depends on the interest rate and terms. You may not pay anything additional if you take advantage of a zero-interest promotion. But, most catalogues have higher interest rates than many credit cards.

You’ll be expected to make regular repayments to remain in good standing. It may take 1-2 years to fully pay off your purchases. Other hidden fees include penalties for late or missed payments.

Advantages of Catalogue Shopping

The main advantage is being able to purchase something you need right away. If you don’t have the full amount for a large purchase, you can buy now and pay later. Many catalogues also offer promotional grace periods, so you could end up saving money.

Disadvantages of Catalogue Shopping

You may be tempted to buy things you don’t really need. If you miss a payment, you’ll get hit with high interest rates. There may be a cheaper option for you, including a personal loan or credit card. Happy gift hunting using online catalogues in 2020.


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