Car Servicing, What Is Included?

We’ve hit February, and today the temperatures definitely feel warmer and there’s even a touch of sun in the sky, it’s time to start thinking towards Spring. But Winter is a tough time for our cars, they take a lot of stress and pressure over this period, driving in conditions which can prove costly to your car, on roads that are icy, snowy or covered in grit. This can leave your car desperately in need of a service come Springtime.

As a general rule, a full car service should be carried out every twelve months, but if you do use your car heavily, you should also consider an interim service at six months in order to ensure your vehicle is kept in tip top condition. Tyre checks are very important, realistically, given both the UK’s weather and the state of the roads, you should be checking both tyre pressure and depth at least once a month, and once the depth is down to 3mm you should be looking to get them changed. If you are Midlands based like me, you can find very good quality tyres in Northampton at the Calmac Autocentre which is based in Northampton.

Checking your tyre depth and pressure is an absolute must during a service, in fact, it is the most important step as it can be a deadly one. In 2017 poor tyre maintenance was the most common reason for car accidents in Britain according to figures published by the Department for Transport. They rated even higher than faulty breaks, so the need for regular checks are obvious.

But what else should be checked and amended during a full service?

  • An oil and filter change.
  • A top up of all the key fluids – washer fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze and steering fluid.
  • A brake check
  • A check of the major components of the car to ensure they are in working order, paying particular attention to the engine.
  • A visual check that may bring up things that need repairing or changing including any body damage, and including a look at wheels and trims
  • A check on safety, lights, dash warning lights and seatbelt checks
  • Vision checks, are windscreen wipers working well, are mirrors still clear and in working order.

Different service providers will offer all these, and some will add additional checks. You can also book in for a major service check which will check virtually everything, if you use your car heavily this could be a useful option.

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