Care Options For The Elderly In Their Own Home

Getting old is not easy. The mind may be as razor sharp as ever, but the body no longer wants to respond in the same way and this can mean that looking after ourselves can be difficult. According to Taking Care, 63% of people over the age of 50 will have a fall this year that can be life threatening. This can create problems, not just for the elderly, but also for their family, who may well be worried about their loved one but may not be in a situation which allows them to live with them in their home.

Care Homes and nursing homes are often looked at as a solution for when elderly relatives can no longer look after themselves fully, but these are not always the answer for all. An example of this is my father-in-law, who is getting frailer as he gets older, but still has a fierce sense of independence and a wish to be in his own home, even though he can sometimes struggle with the day to day aspect of living alone. This is where a live-in carer can be an effective way to provide a level of care and support whilst allowing a person to stay in their own home. The best care providers use  home care scheduling software to ensure that they are with their customers when they are most needed, organising their diaries to provide the ultimate in care. There are now a number of top home care franchises that provide the very best of care, as well as support for their families.  This is perfect for when a customer needs to take medication at a specific time of the day but is unable to do so due to memory issues. Carers can be scheduled to arrive when medication is needed, ensuring the customer never misses a dose

Country Cousins is a live-in care provider, they provide self-employed, live-in carers nationwide to more than 500 clients each week, offering compassionate and professional care for the elderly, those convalescing in their own home, and disabled adults who need extra support to live independently. What I really like about Country Cousins is that they look for the  perfect live-in carer for you based on your specific care needs. This could mean someone who can drive or someone who shares your love of cooking, or pets. They also keep the same point of contact throughout your relationship with them so you are able to feel safe and build up a relationship that is based on trust and friendship.

If you are considering using a live-in carer for your elderly relative, the infographic that Country Cousins has produced can give you some pointers of why this can be a solution that offers support for your relative whilst allowing them to feel independent. If you are worried about your loved one living on their own, but have no room in your own home, this offers a way to offer care without the need for a care home.

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