My Latest Vintage Finds

My husband knows me only too well. At the weekend we visited The Emporium, an antique, retro and vintage store in Brierley Hill, and while we were there, I feel in love with a beautiful 1970s vintage dress. It was purple and gold, with long sleeves and Fortuny style pleats. I knew I couldn’t leave without it, and so hubby got it as a Valentine’s present. It is perfect!

It got me thinking that I hadn’t shared any of my vintage finds for a while. January and February have actually been pretty good months in terms of vintage finds in normal charity shops rather than dedicated vintage shops. The prices are of course cheaper than vintage shops where the pieces have been curated, and although the pieces are harder to find, you can still pick up a bargain if you know where to look.

Consider the evidence

1960s Jane & Jane Dress By Susan Small

Jane and Jane was a British fashion label of the 1960s that was taken over by the Susan Small designer label (I believe Susan Small may have been Australian). This dress is a beautiful evening piece that, to be honest, is a little too tight for me, but was just too lovely to leave behind. The beading and style is very Jackie Kennedy, early 1960s in flavour, and the colour is delicious.

The modern Linea long tuxedo style coat was another find, £4.99 and perfect for an evening cover up.

London Pride Jacket

I can find no information about London Pride, nothing except this image that was on Pinterest which makes me think it was a 1960s label or an offshoot of Viyella. This jacket is more of a early 1980s look, think Princess Diana at Balmoral, but I loved the puffed sleeves and the dogtooth print, which seems to have made yet another comeback. For £4.99, it was a bit of a bargain.


St Michael Label Terry Towelling suit

Have to admit I didn’t get this, even though it had a much sought after St Michael label. I think at some point it would’ve had a tie belt, but that was now missing. I remember my nan having something like this when I was young, but despite that nostalgia, it was a no from me.

1970s Day Dresses – no label

These two dresses were a pound each, so it was an absolute no brainer that I would take them home. They have no makers labels, but I really like the design of the first dress, which is another black and white print with pretty button detail, whilst the second dress will look great with tan sandals in the Summer.

Peacocks Vintage Style Dress

This dress is vintage style and cut, rather than actual vintage. It is a Peacocks 1960s style shift in a sort of brocade print and was £3 from the Salvation Army shop.

Finally, these two beautiful pieces were from The Emporium. The 1960s style sweater was just wonderful, whilst the bag was a 1930s original in very good condition.


Fashion At The Wednesbury Museum And Art Gallery

It’s always lovely when a fashion exhibition pops up virtually on your doorstep. The Hodson Shop collection was one such delight, and this summer I have found a small fashion exhibition in the town of my youth, Wednesbury, at the town’s beautiful museum and art gallery.

The exhibition is called ‘Clothes!’ and is taking place in the museums Nostalgia Rooms. It features a range of pieces from the 1959s, 1960s and 70s, along with memorabilia and old photographs of West Bromwich, Wednesbury and the surrounding areas from the same era.

I love the clothes that are featured, these pieces are not couture or designer pieces, but are instead the sort of clothes that your mother or grandmother might have owned and worn, really pieces of social history displayed within a context. I loved the purple maxi dress with long sleeves and high neck, my mom was a bridesmaid in 1973 and wore something very similar, and a dress of a similar colour that came from the 1950s, but would still look good today due to the classic style.

The 1960s explosion of fashion is well represented, with lots of printed and plain shift dresses in the style of Mary Quant and Pierre Cardin. And, just to prove that fashion is cyclical, and that styles do come around again and again, the exhibition has a maxi style dress and a tea dress that may be 1970s in origin, but certainly wouldn’t look out of place on today’s High Street.

The Clothes! exhibition is in the Nostalgia Rooms at the Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery until the end of 2017. Entrance is free, and you could also check out the permanent toy exhibition and the beautiful Ruskin pottery whilst you are there,

Click here for more information.

Review – Tiger Frames from Perfect Glasses

A few weeks ago I wrote about Perfect Glasses, a great destination to find a wide range of prescription glasses and sunglasses at affordable, discount prices. (You can find that original article here). Today I am reviewing a pair of the sunglasses from the site, because all the sunglass designs also be designed with plain glass as well as prescription lenses. The glasses I chose from the site were the Tiger design that currently have 50% off with the code PAYHALF.

The Tiger glasses are a cute, retro design with an tortoiseshell print frame that screams 1950s poolside glamour. Very lightweight in design, these are the perfect glasses for those who think sunglasses are not for them due to heavy frames, or pain caused across the bridge or side of the nose. The shaped arms are elegant in that they are not too thick, again the lightness of the material means that these sit comfortably behind the ear, without rubbing or tightness.

Tiger £33 with code PAYHALF Click to visit Perfect Glasses


The glasses have tinted lenses, but can also come with Single vision,  Bifocals  and Multifocal lenses, making these suitable even if you have issues with your eyesight.  A scratch resistant coating is also a great fixture, especially if, like me, you are prone to leaving your sunglasses lying around the house, or just throwing them into your bag. In addition to the coating, the glasses come with a lovely, sturdy glass case and a microfibre cloth for cleaning purposes.

I love the retro feel of these glasses that the tortoiseshell frame gives them, it is not the cats eye style of the 1950s, but they definitely have a movie queen aura to them. I styled my glasses 1970s style, with a midi skirt and plain white t-shirt top, brown vintage platforms and red lipstick.  This was a relaxed daytime look, but as we move into Summer, and evening occasions that are spent outside, I can see the glasses looking very glam teamed with a little black shift dress, or a pretty summer sundress. Similarly, the light frames mean that these will take up no room at all in your hand luggage when I head off to my summer holidays, and will look airport chic teamed with cool cottons when I jet off to Cyprus next month.

If you have yet to choose your summer sunnies, it is definitely worth taking a look at Perfect Glasses. Their current summer discount means you can get 50% off sunglasses, which is a brilliant saving, and the choice of so many different types of frames, and lenses, mean that you should be able to find something for both your needs and aesthetic taste.