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    The Art Schools Of The West Midlands At The New Walsall Art Gallery

    Architecture is definitely one of my passions, with art deco leading the way, but with all interesting buildings setting off a fire in my belly. The New Walsall Art Gallery currently has a photographic exhibition looking at the art schools of the West Midlands, and, more specifically, the existing buildings that were home to this movement. Many of these beautiful examples of architecture are Victorian, often in the celebrated red brick style, although it has to be said that some have seen far better days. The modern day photographs are neatly juxtaposed with archive material from the schools, showing how this was a vibrant, interesting movement that was progressive in…

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    Pop Parade At The Wolverhampton Art Gallery

    Pop Parade is the latest celebration of Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s extensive Pop Art collection, and this time, it celebrates not only the great names of the movement, Warhol, Boty, Lichtenstein amongst others, but also looks at a key piece of Pop Art that has a resonance for all those who grew up in the Midlands in the 1970’s. This key piece of art is King Kong by Nicholas Monro. This fibreglass figure was used as the model for the six metre high statue that stood outside the original Birmingham Bullring in Manzoni Gardens in 1971. It was a figure that was both loved and hated in equal measure, and only…

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    The West Midlands Open Art Exhibition At New Walsall Art Gallery

    The West Midlands Open Art Exhibition at the New Walsall Art Gallery is a celebration of a wide range of artworks from artists across the West Midlands. Currently spread across floor 3 of the wonderful gallery, each of the 250 pieces have been especially curated for the exhibition, and are also available for sale at the end of the exhibition in September. The ambition of the Open is to exhibit artists from across the West Midlands, to showcase the talent from the region and to provide selling opportunities for artists. We are keen to present a diverse range of artworks that are representative of and relevant to our broad communities…