Holiday Essentials – The Things You Definitely Need In Your Case Part 1

With the coming of last week’s lovely weather, many of us are now turning our thoughts to our Summer holidays. If you are lucky enough to be traveling abroad this Summer, you are probably fully aware and conscious of the constraints that are now put on our luggage.

Most travel companies now have a weight restriction of 15kgs on suitcases that will be checked into the hold, with many people now opting to travel hand luggage only to avoid paying to check in a bag, so lightweight optionsin clothing, travel packs or decanted items in toiletries and beauty, and smaller versions of your favourite products are now much sought after.

In this new series of posts I am going to be looking at a range of products that come under the umbrella of travel essentials. These are things that save space, are much needed and will make your holiday go much smoother.


I love the swimwear from Rosa Faia – “love of sunlight“ collection. It is made up of bright colours, fanciful prints and versatile styles and offers women the perfect fit in cup sizes A – I.

Young and cheeky, elegant, modern or fancy, the Rosa Faia beachwear collection offers styles for every taste and figure. The extensive Mix & Match range offers fantastic possibilities and inspiration to create your own favourite look with three strong  plain colours and three different prints. The collection includes bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits complemented by a large selection of matching accessories such as dresses, tunics, caftans and pareos. The style variety ranges from floral designs, such as a Millefleur print with tropical flair or a flower print with a touch of vintage, over a playful wave pattern or a delicate fresh paisley design up to elegant palm leafs or clean graphical prints.  Sexy bandeau styles and Big Cup bikini tops as well as various different bottom styles feature prominently in 2018. Pictured here is the Nomadic collection.

Please use the Stockist finder on to find your local Anita stockist

Dorco Eve 6 Razor

With all that flesh on display you need to make sure you have a close shave on your hols, and have a good razor packed in your toiletry bag in order to keep legs and underarms silky smooth.

Dorco EVE 6 has a fine history of producing shaving products and marries science and expertise to provide a super close shave. With over 60 years of Korean innovation, they believe it’s time to get closer, and are addressing shaving needs for individual products and a subscription service. Once you have got your handle, you can then buy blade refill packs or have them delivered to your door through the subscription package.

Dorco EVE 6 value pack x 4 £10.20 Click to visit Dorco Eve

Theye Compact beach towel

Beach towels are a tricky subject when it comes to holidays. Some hotels provide towels to use around the pool area, but in most cases you need your own beach towels, and these can take up a lot of space in the case. But not the Theye compact beach towel. These are small and brilliant.

Theye’s compact beach towel features multi absorbency properties. Made from micro-fibre suede, this range of extra- large, stylish towels take only ten minutes to dry in the sun and remain sand free. Available in five stylish prints, the towel can be conveniently stored in a small waterproof pouch which makes the large towel fold down to a tiny, compact unit will take up no room in your case or your beach bag. I used these towels in the UK for Joe’s swimming lessons and they were brilliant as they dried so quickly.

Total Treat Argan Oil

Holidays play havoc with the hair, a combination of sun, sea water and chlorine all help to make our locks dry and tangled, so a hair treat is definitely something to have packed to ensure your hair avoids too much damage.

Total Treat Argan Oil from the Phil Smith Be Gorgeous is a must have for summer holidays. You only need a pea sized amount that you rub through wet hair, avoiding the roots, in order to give your hair the moisturisation it needs to give you the glossy locks to match that golden tan.  The bottle is compact enough (50ml) to not take up too much room in your case, and yet it will certainly ensure your hair looks its very best.

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous range is available at Sainsburys.

7 Piece Travel Pack

The lack of room in your suitcase, or the restrictions on liquids in hand luggage can often see you needing to decant your favourite products into much smaller bottles and containers. This is why the 7 piece travel pack from Beauty Naturals could be a brilliant solution to your travel needs.

All your essential travel items can be decanted into bottles of  the required size for airport security and these are also ideal for short breaks.The bottles are presented in a clear carry on bag with a sturdy zip fastening.

The set contains:-

  • 1 x 100ml flip top bottle
  • 1 x 60ml flip top bottle
  • 1 x 60ml atomiser bottle
  • 1 x 50ml flip top bottle
  • 1 x 25g cream jar
  • 1 filter funnel for easy filling

The set costs just £8.10, which I think is a bargain way to take your favourite products with you.

7 Piece Travel Pack by Danielle Creations £8.10 Click to visit Beauty Naturals

Mini Masterclass Set from Look Good Feel Better

In the same way that you don’t want to take all your full sized beauty products, you don’t really want to be packing your full sized brushes and make up tools either. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be using quality products on your face.

The mini masterclass has three travel sized make up brushes that will be perfect for creating your holiday face. The set is created by Look Good Feel Better, the worldwide Cancer charity that provides support for Cancer victims by offering free make up classes  and skincare workshops for those suffering from the visible effects of the disease.

The brushes come in a stylish pouch and are soft touch, which is perfect for sun touched sensitive skin.

The brushes are available from a range of stockists, including M&S.

Urban Veda Purifying Discovery Travel Set

Urban Veda create wonderful bath and skincare products that totally pamper and revitalise the skin, and the great news is that many of their favourite products are now available in a wonderful travel set.

The set includes body wash, scrub and lotion, and facial wash, polish and day cream, all in sizes that mean you would be able to take these in your hand luggage – a real treat for the skin if you are traveling long haul.

These are natural products which smell just divine and will certainly invigorate the skin after a day on the beach, hydrating and cleansing so that your skin looks and feels back to its best even after a day sunbathing in the harsh sun.

Purifying Complete Discovery Set
£19.99 | 200ml Click to visit Urban Veda

Look out next week for more travel essentials.



7 Tips for Protecting Your Skin from the Sun Damage

Did you know that an estimated 100,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the UK each year?


And, unfortunately, the vast majority of these cases will be caused by the sun…


Why would you allow your skin to be damaged when there are easy ways to protect it?


Sun damage continues to build over time…


It can weaken the skins natural barrier, cause it to lose moisture and become dry, and even make breakouts worse – making it almost impossible to eradicate acne due to damaged skin.


You are probably thinking, “I don’t live by the beach, so I am not in the sun that much.”

But, you’re wrong. Sun damage can occur anywhere, at almost any time. Even though it might be a cloudy day, those harmful UV rays are still beating down and slowly damaging your skin.

Protect-Your-Skin-From-The-Sun-ideas.jpg (650×400)

So, if you are looking to hang on to that young, smooth and soft skin for as long as possible, protect your skin from sun damage by:


  1. Wearing sunscreen…every day.

    The key is to apply, and reapply, regularly. Since about 80 percent of the average person’s lifetime involves sun exposure, sun exposure is incidental – meaning it occurs during daily activities, not just sunbathing. Try an SPF 30 or higher if you plan to be in the sun for longer than 15 minutes.

  2. Moisturizing regularly – even your lips, they age too!

    Lip-protection balm should be applied prior to sun exposure and reapplied at least every hour during sun exposure. Your lips are thin-skinned and are particularly vulnerable to painful sunburns and wrinkles that come with aging.

    Aside from your lips, repeated sun exposure can also dry out the rest of your skin as it sucks the water and moisture right out of it. Always apply a moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and soft!

    Pro Tip: Invest in an SPF that already includes a moisturizer in the ingredients – it will save you a step later, leaving you to only moisturize your lips.

  3. Watching the clock if you plan to be outside.

    The UV rays from the sun are the strongest between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Keep the time in mind when planning to be outside, extra sun exposure calls for extra precautions.

    Pro Tip: If you aren’t sure if the UV rays are strong, check your shadow. If it is very short, it is a sign that it is a bad time to be outside.

  4. Wearing a hat for added protection.

    Wearing a hat not only provides you added shade for your eyes – which works great in collaboration with sunglasses. But, if also helps protect the skin on your ears, face, and neck from any additional sun.

  5. Taking note of areas with reflected light.

    Light is easily reflected off of snow, sand, concrete and several other common surfaces found outside. Always be sure to protect surfaces such as the under part of your chin with sunscreen, as an umbrella or shade tree won’t protect the underneath areas of your skin that are affected by reflected light.

  6. Knowing the side effects of your prescriptions.

    Some prescribed medication can make your skin extra sensitive to sun exposure and can increase your risk of a sunburn – even some herbal medicines have this same effect. Make yourself aware of any threats from the sun posed by your medication.

  7. Investing in UFP protectant clothing.

    There are special garments which contain a special coating designed to absorb both UVB and UVA rays. Similar to SPF, the higher the UPF the more protection the item provides. However, regular clothes can also provide a shield from the sun.

protect-your-skin-5-ways.png (525×283)

Your beauty regime should always include proper care for all your skin – not just your face. After all, you only get the skin you’re in…forever. Take care of it now to avoid irreversible issues with it later.


Holiday Picks From Dorothy Perkins

It was one of the main anomalies in the fashion world, just as you actually enter a season (i.e. Summer), then the sales start for that particular season (i.e. the Summer sales). We are just two weeks into June, and many of us are yet to take our Summer hols, with those who love cancellation bargains yet to even book their hols. And yet, this week has seen a whole host of stores start their summer sales. Which is great news for those of us who need to grab a new swimsuit, or a beach bag, or a knockout sundress, and love a bargain.

If you are looking to do a little sales shopping this week, you need to head to the Love The Sales site, which has the lowdown on all the major sales as and when they happen. My eye has been on Dorothy Perkins as I have loved so many of the pieces in their Spring/Summer range, and with my holiday coming up in just over two weeks, I will be heading to the Dorothy Perkins sale in order to pick up a few treats to slip into my suitcase.

So what do I have my eyes on? Well, first up is a pretty sundress that comes in my favourite colour, yellow. It is suit so well and would look as good with heels as it would with jeweled flat sandals. I also love tea dresses, especially those with a 1940s look (think The Edge of Love with Sienna Miller and Kiera Knightley), so this floral print is another must have.

Next up its sandals. I quite like a design that has a classic look, and metallic elements are so great on holiday to reflect your suntan. The Faye sandal ticks all the boxes, whilst back home I would live in the Jane wedges, just high enough to look elegant.



A raffia or woven clutch bag is another addition to your wardrobe that has the perfect look for Summer. I love the pretty bow on the front of this one.

Camisole tops are brilliant are year around, worn under jackets and v-neck jumpers in Winter, but it is in Summer they really come into their own. Wear them with shorts, denim skirts and peg trousers for a myriad of stylish looks.



What things are you looking to add to your holiday wardrobe?