5 Quick Fixes for Easy Hair Removal and Healthy Happy Skin


If you’re looking forward to a hair-free summer with smooth and healthy skin, you’ll need these five tips for easier hair removal. The following tricks will help your chosen hair removal method work better and keep your skin healthy and happy.

Let it Grow

If you plan to shave daily all summer, this rule doesn’t apply. But if you want to use a depilatory cream, laser treatment, or waxing, you’ll need to let the hair grow first. Short hair doesn’t leave much to grab onto, so waxing and depilatory creams won’t work as well in thinner areas. It seems counterintuitive, but as this Huffington Post bikini wax Q&A explains, one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch is the ideal length pre-removal.

Ice it Down

Many hair removal methods sting, and this includes creams, laser treatments, epilators, and waxing. If possible, ice the area before applying hair removal treatment. It will reduce the ouch factor of any treatment by numbing the area. It might also help prevent redness after treatment.

Test for Sensitivity

Depilatory creams are popular for their pain-free tendencies, but they do contain strong chemicals that dissolve hair. Rather than apply a thick layer of depilatory cream all over your entire body, start out by testing a small area. This sample will tell you whether it’s ok to slather on the cream, or if you need to find another hair removal option.

Aftercare is Key

After removing hair with chemical methods, rinse well so that all the product washes away. Don’t follow hair removal treatment with spray tans or other tanning products, and limit sun exposure. Treat your bare skin with a nourishing moisturizer or lotion after any hair removal process to reduce bumpiness or rash. For effective facial hair removal, keep your hands off! Touching the skin deposits oils and yuck from your hands onto your face, resulting in unhappy skin.

Reduce Exposure

The whole point of hair removal is to hit the beach or pool, right? Summer calls for smooth and healthy skin, but the most important way to ensure it stays healthy is to apply sunscreen. This is vital after using depilatory creams or laser treatments since the skin is vulnerable immediately following treatment. But you don’t need to slather on a thick layer of SPF 200 since an SPF 30 is enough for most summertime sunbathing.

Look perfect on the beach with a perfect swimming outfit

If you pay attention to what you wear you know you have to be perfectly attired everywhere you go. Whether it is for a formal party, for a social evening or a day at the beach – all eyes are on what you wear. Perhaps this is even more important on the beach because you have to combine style with convenience. It therefore becomes rather important to know exactly how you can shop for swimming outlet. If you are planning on enjoying a little Winter Sun, here are some ways that you can ensure you choose the perfect swimming attire.

Find the seller first

Your search has to start with finding the perfect seller online. Look for people who sell swimming outfits and then look through their websites for:

  • Range of swimwear offered.
  • Prices and compare prices across websites.
  • Images and descriptions of the outfits.
  • Security of payments.
  • Online chat support.

There should also be a return and refund policy so that you can return items that do not suit you.

Size guide

Almost every online seller has a size guide to offer and you should use the same. You may know all your measurements but sometimes, the sizes vary across brands. So before you click on a swimming outfit that you like, you should check the size guides as well. Depending on what you are buying, you should check out the waist size, hip size, length and so on.

Daisy Lowe in Retro style

Daisy Lowe in Retro style

Variety of choices

It is rather interesting to buy swim wear online because you get to buy everything you need for an entire ensemble or wardrobe related to swimming. Some of the things you can look for:

  • Swim Tees.
  • Swimming jammers.
  • Swim dresses and so on.

Once you have made your selections, you can look for accessories that will make your beach time that much more enjoyable. Towels, bags, umbrellas and so on are just some of the things that you must keep in mind.

Shape and style

Swim wear, normally, is a very fitted outfit. There is very little room to hide under! So it is even more important to be realistic about the shape, pattern, size and cut of your swim outfit. Finding the most stylish and comfortable swim suit for your body type is crucial.

There are quite a few help sources but here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Toned and athletic – If you are pretty athletic and toned, then you can go in for bold patterns and prints and even swimwear with frills and embellishments. This principle can be used to choose swimsuit for a thin figure.
  • Asymmetrical necklines and swim suits with side panels in a different color from the rest of the suit works really well for broad shouldered structures.
  • High-waisted styles can help cover up a not-so-well-toned tummy.
  • If the choice needs to be made for a person with a large bust, then look for swimwear with double stitched bands and thicker straps.
Kate Moss Bond Girl style

Kate Moss Bond Girl style

Kim Kardashian opts for a sporty style

Kim Kardashian opts for a sporty style

Finally, it is a good idea to take a critical look at your body before you start shopping. For sure, there are choices that cover every body type so you will find something super-stylish.

Late Summer Holiday Style

With the last bank hoilday of the year just around the corner, and with many people opting for a late Summer break, Summer holiday packing and wardrobes are still a hot topic of conversation. But with more people opting to travel hand luggage only in order to avoid the extra charges and the long waits at the baggage carousel, savvy packing and versatile pieces have become more important than ever.

Derbyshire based David Nieper are a fashion company who understand this. With a collection that is fiercely ‘Made in Britain’, both designed and created in Derbyshire, the company has worked hard to create pieces for a travel collection that are multi-functional, and non-crease (no need to pack that travel iron). Add in the fact that they are elegant style classics and you get pieces that will serve you for vacations for years to come.

Here are some pieces from the current travel collection that caught my eye.

The Uncrushable Jersey Dress

Uncrushable Jersey Dress £115

Uncrushable Jersey Dress £115

This dress is a total no-brainer. This is a soft, stretch jersey that will not crease – it can literally be scrunched up and thrown into your case. This dress comes in two lengths, but, for me, the maxi length is classic elegance. It would work for both day, with some toe post sandals, or evening, teamed with a strappy sandal and silver jewellery.

The uncrushable skirt


Uncrushable Crepe Skirt £89

Another great holiday piece. White is always a great choice when you have a suntan, and, as you can see from the picture, this skirt can serve you well worn over your swimsuit for a bit of sightseeing. Add a silky camisole in classic black for a retro monochrome look that will hark back to all those chic 1950s Riviera looks.

The Essential Soft Jersey Vest

Essential Soft Jersey Vest £69

Essential Soft Jersey Vest £69

I love this piece – it would go with everything, from Capri pants to a pencil skirt, or just worn casually with cut off jeans. The straps are so perfect for actually covering your bra straps, and this is also double fronted to avoid see-thru moments. Just a total hero piece.

Luxury Swimsuit

Luxury Swimsuit £89

Luxury Swimsuit £89

This super glamorous swimsuit is the height of poolside glamour, but is also totally sensible. The design is perfect for covering up ‘jelly belly’ as the draping is super flattering, whilst the legs are classic cut. You could easily add a skater skirt or a pair of shorts over this for cocktails at the poolside bar.

Pure Silk and Cotton Kaftan

Pure Silk and Cotton Kaftan £149

Pure Silk and Cotton Kaftan £149

A beautiful silk kaftan is a versatile piece that has had a real surge in popularity in 2016. This is thanks to fashionista’s like Rihanna, who have shown that they can be a cool and stylish choice for City wear as well as for the traditional beach cover up.

What do you pack in your hand luggage only case?