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    Reviewed: The Colour Of Fashion By Caroline Young

    Fashion. What is it that makes something fashionable, iconic, a trend. The answer to this is that there are many reasons why something becomes fashionable – its design, the original wearer, its newness or even a controversy, which can also be linked back to the shock of the new. But to all these reasons, we must also add colour. Chanel’s Little black dress brought a colour that was reserved for mourning into the mainstream, whilst Valentino may have used lots of colours in his career, but is totally identified with Valentino red. Would Dorothy’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz have become quite so legendary if they had stayed their…

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    More Little Fashion Books From Welbeck Publishing

    The ultra stylish range of ‘Little Fashion’ books from Welbeck Publishing are welcoming the arrival of two new titles. The Little Book of Balenciaga by Emmanuelle Direx (click here to buy),  and The Little Book of Valentino by Karen Homer (available for pre order here), are the latest additions to the range that already counts books about Chanel, Dior, Prada, Gucci and Louboutin amongst its sartorial offerings. As ever, the books are beautiful, packed full of facts about the designers and their design houses, all illustrated with lots of full colour photographs. Whether you require these for research, as reading material, or just to look good on your coffee table,…

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    New Fashion Books From Welbeck Publishing

    Whether you love fashion books because you use them as a reference and resource, or whether you just like them to look super stylish on your coffee table, Welbeck Publishing is always a port of call. Their range of fashion and style books not only look amazing, but are also interesting and informative, the complete package. If you have a fashionista in your family, then a beautiful fashion book could be the perfect gift idea. Here are two of the best. The Little Book of Christian Louboutin by Dara Jane Ogilvy Another addition to the Little Book fashion series that already includes Dior and Chanel, The Little Book of Christian…